Portsmouth & District Chess League

Cole Cup Results 2014-2015

Cole Cup - Round 1

Thursday 27th November 2014
 Cosham1 - 4 Emsworth
Bd Home Res Away
1Dave Cordner167½ - ½Dominic Tunks197
2Richard Puchades169½ - ½Phil Stimpson170
3Andrew D Smith1570 - 1Paul Cooper177
4Peter Dallas1470 - 1Mike Krawczuk176
5George Feltham1390 - 1Kier Eyles162


Many Thanks to all for yesterday (even those who didn't play - for their support and wanting to play if possible)

We had a comfortable win in the end (and no losses!)

Dominic ½ v Dave Cordner.
Phil ½ v Richard Puchades.
Paul 1 v Andrew Smith.
Mike 1 v Pete Dallas.
Kier 1 v George Feltham.

We will play either Portsmouth or Fareham in the SF - They are due to play in December. I will let you know when date agreed.

[28th November 2014 - WM]

Cole Cup - Round 2

Thursday 12th February 2015
 Emsworth3½ - 1½ Fareham
Bd Home Res Away
1Dominic Tunks1961 - 0Tony Corkett213
2Paul Cooper172½ - ½Keith Gregory188
3Keith Richardson177½ - ½Mike Edwards166
4Mike Krawczuk168½ - ½Ted Black149
5Kier Eyles1621 - 0Dave Elliott143

Cole Cup - Round 3

Tuesday 19th May 2015
 Emsworth4 - 1 Southampton
Bd Home Res Away
1Dominic Tunks1961 - 0Godfrey Pafura192
2Paul Cooper1721 - 0Oliver Gill189
3Keith Richardson1771 - 0H Pawlikowski164
4Phil Stimpson1730 - 1Gareth Jones160
5Mike Krawczuk1681 - 0Robin Williams138