Portsmouth & District Chess League

Cole Plate Results 2023-2024

Cole Plate - Round 1

Thursday 11th April 2024
1Kier Eyles19600 - 1Oleg Barantsev2061
2Paul Northcott19571 - 0Simon Venables1863
3Martin Buckley19611 - 0Paul Barker1452
4Edward Blanden17671 - 0Ian Mullen1384
5Phil Pinto16791 - 0Paul Eyles1424

Nice to get a team win in the Cole Cup plate last night.

Well done team

We are playing Chichester B away in the final.

[Phil Pinto 12-04-2024 - WM]

Cole Plate - Round 2

Monday 17th June 2024
 Chichester BvEmsworth