Portsmouth & District Chess League

Division 1 Results 2022-2023

Division 1 - Round 1

Wednesday 8th February 2023
 Fareham A5-1Emsworth A
1Anthony Corkett22051-0Michael Krawczuk1962
2Keith Gregory19811-0Peter Dallas1759
3Richard Ursell ½-½Edward Blanden1723
4Dave Elliott1747½-½Phil Pinto1674
5Ted Black17301-0Darren Saunders1664
6Thomas Philidor16101-0Darren Cook1453

This match was rescheduled from 18th October 2022

Division 1 - Round 2

Thursday 24th November 2022
 Emsworth A2½-3½Portsmouth A
1Mike Krawczuk1968½-½Tom Bird1965
2Peter Dallas17810-1Martin Buckley1896
3Ed Blanden17240-1William Bradley1827
4Phil Pinto17211-0Kewal Bhoi1913
5Mark Davies1646½-½Simon Venables1833
6Adrian Parker1594½-½Ken Sullivan1681

Division 1 - Round 3

Thursday 1st December 2022
 Cosham A1½-4½Emsworth A
1John Wheeler19760-1Michael Krawczuk1968
2David Cordner19321-0Peter Dallas1765
3Andrew Smith17490-1Edward Blanden1712
4Matthew Atkins17550-1Phil Pinto1710
5  0-1Mark Davies1651
6Martin Banfield1623½-½Adrian Parker1600

Division 1 - Round 4

Thursday 12th January 2023
 Emsworth A½-5½Chichester A
1Michael Krawczuk19800-1Jaimie Wilson2167
2Peter Dallas17700-1Andrew McDougall2153
3Phil Pinto17210-1William McDougall2125
4Mark Davies16630-1Rolandas Lukoshius2090
5A Palmer 0-1Steven Smith1811
6Darren Saunders1618½-½Tom Howeson1813

Chichester brought their A team to Emsworth tonight and it showed!

Division 1 - Round 5

Thursday 16th February 2023
 Emsworth A2½-3½Fareham A
1Peter Dallas17590-1Anthony Corkett2205
2Edward Blanden1723½-½Keith Gregory1981
3Phil Pinto1674½-½Richard Ursell 
4Mark Davies1661½-½David Deacon1838
5Adrian Parker1589½-½Dave Elliott1747
6Darren Saunders1664½-½Ted Black1730

"We gave Fareham 'A' a big scare this evening.

Bd 1 in an unclear position Pete lost on time forgetting to monitor his clock.

Bd 2 Ed took a draw offer with 2 mins against 1 min left a pawn up and just about to play a winning move.

Bd 3 I took a draw offer - earlier I was much better and had good winning chances.

Bd 4 Mark played a bit passively in a rook and pawn ending two pawns up and his opponent managed to escape with a draw.

Bd 5 Adrian was a knight for two pawns up and lost another pawn in a combination, when low on time, allowing his opponent to escape with a draw.

Bd 6 Darren a little better accepted a draw offer.

Great to see the whole team playing well. Just needed confidence to get over the line in some games.

Overall great result - nearly epic."

[Phil Pinto 16th Feb 2023 - WM]

"A tough match with the final result being in doubt until the very end"

[Dave Elliott 16th Feb 2023 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 6

Thursday 9th March 2023
 Portsmouth A4½-1½Emsworth A
1O Barantsev 1-0Michael Krawczuk1958
2Tom Bird19481-0Peter Dallas1753
3Simon Venables18681-0Edward Blanden1752
4Kewal Krishna Bhoi17590-1Phil Pinto1682
5Andrea Bucchi1583½-½Mark Davies1678
6Philip Hebblethwaite15971-0Adrian Parker1594

Division 1 - Round 7

Thursday 30th March 2023
 Emsworth A2-4Cosham A
1Peter Dallas1746½-½John Wheeler1979
2Edward Blanden17520-1David Cordner1940
3Phil Pinto1684½-½Richard Puchades1944
4Mark Davies16781-0Andrew Smith1728
5Adrian Parker15950-1Matthew Atkins1723
6Darren Saunders15320-1Martin Banfield1646

We gave a high rated Cosham A team a run for their money losing 2-4. They proved a bit too strong on some boards.

A good match - well played Cosham.

Board 1 Pete scored his first ever draw against John Wheeler a long time stalwart of the Portsmouth League. Pete sacrificed the exchange for position: texted me this morning that he had a forced mate in 6. The challenge is to find the win OTB in limited time. I hope to show the position and full pgn of game when provided.

Board 2 Ed said he went down in the end game to Dave Cordner.

Board 3 The Editor drew: Richard Purchades said I played a good defense; nice compliment from a 1944 rated player.

Board 4 Mark won well against Andrew Smith (Cosham captain).

Board 5 Adrian, last to finish in time scramble, had Matthew Atkins king in open ground with Queen and rook attacking. But Matthew played well interposing his rook and Adrian swopping off incorrectly allowing a pawn advance in a Queen ending to decide the game.

Board 6 Darren played a poor opening allowing Martin Banfield to pin his knight against Darren's king; was a rook up in no time.

We did not have Mike Krawczuk on board 1 for this match having to attend a funeral. But Cosham did not have David Pye - one of the strongest Hampshire chess players.

[Phil Pinto 1st April 2023 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 8

Monday 8th May 2023
 Chichester A5½-½Emsworth A
1Jaimie Wilson21891-0Edward Blanden1745
2Andrew McDougall21651-0Phil Pinto1702
3William McDougall2121½-½Mark Davies1694
4Tom Howeson18631-0Adrian Parker1588
5Steven Smith17561-0Darren Saunders1552
6Mike Spence17751-0Darren Cook1436