Portsmouth & District Chess League

Division 2 Results 2022-2023

Division 2 - Round 1

Thursday 17th November 2022
 Emsworth B2-3Fareham B
1Peter Dallas17810-1Joseph Coburn1819
2Edward Blanden1724½-½Ted Black1754
3Adrian Parker1594½-½Ashraf Syed1714
4Darren Saunders14811-0Geoff Hicks 
5Simon Gates 0-1Gerhard Bezuidenhout1700

Division 2 - Round 2

Thursday 15th December 2022
 Portsmouth B1½-3½Emsworth B
1Kewal Krishna Bhoi 0-1Peter Dallas1773
2Philip Hebblethwaite1582½-½Phil Pinto1710
3Ian Mullen14790-1Mark Davies1651
4Liam Rowe 0-1Adrian Parker1599
5Kevin Johnson 1-0Simon Gates 

Division 2 - Round 3

Thursday 5th January 2023
 Emsworth B½-4½Chichester B
1Adrian Parker16080-1Tom Howeson1813
2Darren Saunders1618½-½Chris R Squires1700
3Simon Gates 0-1Mike Spence1740
4Darren Cook14580-1Steven Coe 
5Dylan Dalli 0-1Michael Webber1616

We were well beaten last night - well done Chichester B

Story of match: 3 games caught out by standard tactical combinations:-

Board 1 Adrian allowed a discovered attack & lost a bishop

Board 2 Darren [Saunders] had agreed a draw in a complex = position

Board 3 Simon got his bishop trapped by pawns on move 5

Board 4 Darren [Cook] was overloaded on a file pin losing a knight

Board 5 Dylan lost initiative when he swopped a bishop for a knight; at time had two bishops against bishop & knight.

This meant a middle game opposite coloured bishops and his opponent built a strong attack against f7. I saw a defence that I think held but Dylan went for counter play against Queenside pawns. Close game.

Great to have Dylan playing his first game and Darren Cook back in the fold after a two year absence.

[Phil Pinto 6th Jan 2022 - WM]

Division 2 - Round 4

Monday 30th January 2023
 Chichester C2½-2½Emsworth B
1Lloyd Jolley14070-1Phil Pinto1721
2Michael Webber1616½-½Adrian Parker1608
3Ian Richardson16061-0Darren Saunders1618
4P White 1-0Darren Cook1458
5Isaac McDonald13880-1Mark Davies1663

Division 2 - Round 5

Thursday 9th February 2023
 Emsworth B3½-1½Cosham B
1Edward Blanden17231-0Matthew Atkins1741
2Phil Pinto1674½-½Robert Arthur 
3Adrian Parker1589½-½Martin Banfield1628
4Darren Saunders1664½-½Stephen LeFevre1439
5Dylan Dalli 1-0Josh Brudgeon 

Nice to get a match win.
Notable wins by Ed and Dylan.
Solid performance by all the team.

[Phil Pinto 10th Feb 2023 - WM]

Division 2 - Round 6

Tuesday 21st February 2023
 Fareham C3-2Emsworth B
1Thomas Philidor16100-1Mark Davies1665
2Scott Waugh16290-1Edward Blanden1723
3Louis Rooney14821-0Darren Saunders1606
4Chris Budden14891-0Dylan Dalli1515
5Peter Cruddas13731-0Darren Cook1448

Division 2 - Round 7

Tuesday 7th March 2023
 Fareham B4-1Emsworth B
1Joseph Coburn1840½-½Edward Blanden1752
2David Deacon18411-0Phil Pinto1682
3Dave Elliott1708½-½Darren Saunders1532
4Matthew Deacon17151-0Adrian Parker1594
5Ashraf Syed16631-0Simon Gates1320

Division 2 - Round 8

Thursday 6th April 2023
 Emsworth B4½-½Portsmouth B
1Peter Dallas17411-0Christopher Campbell1515
2Edward Blanden1747½-½Philip Hebblethwaite1617
3Darren Saunders15361-0Paul Barker1418
4Mark Davies16751-0Liam Rowe1588
5Darren Cook14301-0Kevin Johnson1335

Division 2 - Round 9

Monday 17th April 2023
 Chichester B1½-3½Emsworth B
1Norbert Gyorke18981-0Peter Dallas1748
2Tom Howeson1843½-½Edward Blanden1747
3Steven Smith17830-1Phil Pinto1691
4Mike Spence17940-1Adrian Parker1578
5Michael Plumb17070-1Darren Saunders1536

Division 2 - Round 10

Thursday 4th May 2023
 Emsworth B3-2Chichester C
1Edward Blanden1745½-½Steve Coe1687
2Mark Davies16940-1Ryan Kinzett1527
3Phil Pinto17021-0Ian Richardson1561
4Darren Cook14361-0Alan Reed1477
5Simon Gates1281½-½Isaac McDonald1395

Division 2 - Round 11

Thursday 18th May 2023
 Cosham B1-4Emsworth B
1Ray Hartley1744½-½Edward Blanden1745
2Andrew Smith1722½-½Phil Pinto1702
3Martin Banfield16520-1Mark Davies1694
4Pat McEvoy16200-1Adrian Parker1588
5A Young 0-1Darren Saunders1552

Division 2 - Round 12

Thursday 25th May 2023
 Emsworth B3-2Fareham C
1Edward Blanden1745½-½Stephen O'Toole1739
2Mark Davies1694½-½Thomas Philidor1694
3Darren Saunders15521-0Ashraf Syed1688
4Darren Cook14360-1Chris Budden1513
5Simon Gates12811-0David Anderson1261