Portsmouth & District Chess League

Cole Cup Results 2022-2023

Cole Cup - Round 1

Thursday 8th December 2022
 Portsmouth B1-4Emsworth
1Paul Eyles14590-1Michael Krawczuk1968
2Ian Mullen14791-0Peter Dallas1765
3D Newton 0-1Edward Blanden1712
4Paul Barker13520-1Phil Pinto1710
5L Rowe 0-1Mark Davies1651

We won our Cole cup game away against Portsmouth B.

We were favourites with our higher grades but their players put up spirited battles.

On board 1 Mike won on time in an interesting uneven material drawn ending.

Board 2 was a topsy turvy game Pete told me; he could have won a bishop early, then was a rook down, finally his opponent allowed perpetual check that could have been avoided !

Board 3 Ed had an even game

Board 4 my opponent played passively, I built pressure won material but I did not play accurately late in game. He ended up losing on time.

Board 5 I watched [Mark's] game as I sat next to him; some good combos from both players. Ended up in an opposite coloured bishop ending with Mark's extra pawn giving win chances when strangely his opponent just put his bishop en pris.

We now progress to the Cole Cup final to play the winner of Chichester A v Fareham A. We'll be massive underdogs as both teams have quite a few over 2000 graded players. But its a one-off match in the new year and I for one will be genning up hard.

[Phil Pinto 9th Dec 2022 - WM]

Cole Cup - Round 2

Thursday 26th January 2023
 Emsworth3-2Chichester B
1Michael Krawczuk19801-0  
2Peter Dallas17701-0  
3Edward Blanden1724½-½Chris R Squires1700
4Phil Pinto1721½-½Mike Spence1740
5Adrian Parker16080-1Michael Webber1616

"for rating purposes Board 1 M Krawczuk 0-1 N Gyorke, Board 2 P Dallas 0-1 T Howeson. However both Gyorke and Howeson have previously played in the Cup for Chichester A and are ineligible so Chichester default top two boards and lose the match."

[Dave Cordner, Tournament Controller, 28th Feb 2023 - WM]

Cole Cup - Round 3

Wednesday 19th April 2023
 Fareham A4½-½Emsworth
1Roland Bezuidenhout22771-0Michael Krawczuk1953
2Anthony Corkett22221-0Paul Northcott1896
3Keith Gregory19371-0Peter Dallas1748
4Richard Ursell1883½-½Edward Blanden1747
5Joseph Coburn18211-0Phil Pinto1691