Portsmouth & District Chess League

Division 1 Results 2023-2024

Division 1 - Round 1

Thursday 28th September 2023
 Emsworth A2-4Fareham A
1Martin GS Buckley19480 - 1Roland Bezuidenhout2331
2Kier Eyles19421 - 0Anthony Corkett2218
3Peter Dallas17370 - 1Adam Ursell1923
4Edward Blanden17421 - 0Richard Ursell1839
5Phil Pinto17070 - 1Joseph Coburn1855
6Mark Davies16970 - 1Stephen O'Toole1774

First A team match of the season.

Played last year's champion club Fareham A.

Outgraded on all boards.

Great wins for Kier and Ed on board 2 and 4 respectively.

Mark on board 5 fought hard from a poor opening and missed a drawing idea in a bishop & pawn ending.

Martin on board 1 lost in a rook & bishop & pawn v rook & bishop with his king cut off. Good effort against 2300+ player.

Pete made a few mistakes to lose on board 3.

I played board 5: was equal until move 29 when I blundered moving my bishop allowing my queen to be trapped. Had to sac a bishop for a pawn to escape. Then later in game won a pawn and with weak black squares could have held the game but blundered again in time trouble.

Overall a respectable result.

[Phil Pinto 29th Sept 2023 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 2

Tuesday 17th October 2023
 Fareham B3-3Emsworth A
1Joseph Coburn18530 - 1Martin GS Buckley1946
2David Deacon1863½ - ½Kier Eyles1959
3Ted Black1740½ - ½Edward Blanden1755
4Dave Elliott16871 - 0Peter Dallas1732
5Jack Wicken17201 - 0Phil Pinto1701
6Ashraf Syed16840 - 1Adrian Parker1595

A fine win for Adrian on board 6 where he was outgraded by 89 points!

[17-10-2023 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 3

Thursday 2nd November 2023
 Emsworth A3-3Portsmouth A
1Kier Eyles19591 - 0Oleg Barantsev2079
2Edward Blanden1755½ - ½Simon Venables1846
3Darren Saunders15560 - 1William Bradley1846
4Phil Pinto16980 - 1Kewal Krishna Bhoi1747
5Mark Davies16891 - 0David Ross (jnr)1757
6Adrian Parker1613½ - ½Liam Rowe1576

Last night our A team drew 3-3 with Portsmouth A.

OK result overall.

The team played well with an outstanding win by Kier on board 1 against a Russian chess trainer.

Ed had a good draw on board 2 and was better but with only 4 minutes left each on the clock agreed a draw.

Darren stood in on board 3 at the last minute and played a good game but got edged out.

I played Kewal, was a bit better out of opening but should n't have swopped queens, then about equal but then lost a pawn by mistake (guarding pawn was pinned) with low time and position then collapsed. A bit disappointed but well played by Kewal.

Mark won on time in a rook & pawn ending when a pawn up but position probably drawn. Unlucky Ross - never nice to lose on time.

Adrian had a sold draw on board 6 in about 20 moves. Well played.

[Phil Pinto Fri 3rd Nov 2023 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 4

Thursday 7th December 2023
 Cosham A2-4Emsworth A
1John Wheeler19720 - 1Martin Buckley1965
2Will Grummitt1966½ - ½Kier Eyles1961
3Richard Puchades18730 - 1Paul Northcott1900
4Ray Hartley17570 - 1Edward Blanden1790
5Andrew Smith17291 - 0Peter Dallas1715
6Matthew Atkins1718½ - ½Phil Pinto1686

We won an 'A' team match; nice to win after so long

Paul coming back on leave from university strengthened our side.

Board 1 Martin landed a king side attack against John

Board 2 Kier had a solid draw agreed with

a Rook + opposite coloured bishops

Board 3 Paul won with a rook mate on the file

Board 4 Ed won on time when Ray got confused how much time he had left; Ed was better anyway.

Board 5 Pete lost a pawn and then position - Andrew's N on F3

never good. Ended up in a rook ending 2 pawns down.

Board 6 I was much better in the ending but agreed to a draw as a lot still to play and needed to finish in 8 minutes.

Division 1 - Round 5

Thursday 11th January 2024
 Emsworth A3-3Chichester A
1Martin Buckley1970½ - ½Jaimie Wilson2123
2Kier Eyles19630 - 1Andrew McDougall2131
3Paul Northcott19151 - 0William McDougall2096
4Edward Blanden17980 - 1Vinuda Gunatilake2113
5Peter Dallas17181 - 0Tom Howeson1846
6Phil Pinto1687½ - ½Steven Smith1754

Although we put out our strongest team, we were out graded on all boards. Average grade 1841 v 2010. Still we drew 3-3 all. Great result !

[Phil Pinto 11-01-2024 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 6

Tuesday 6th February 2024
 Fareham A4½-1½Emsworth A
1Roland Bezuidenhout23551 - 0Martin Buckley1962
2Anthony Corkett21891 - 0Kier Eyles1968
3Matthew Deacon18870 - 1Paul Northcott1934
4Paul Janota ½ - ½Edward Blanden1795
5Richard Ursell18361 - 0Peter Dallas1731
6Stephen O'Toole17881 - 0Phil Pinto1712

We lost away to Fareham A last night. Well played Fareham.

On board 1 Martin was outplayed by a very strong Roland Bezuidenhout.

Board 2 Kier uncharacteristically allowed a fork of minor pieces by a pawn. Again against a strong Tony Corkett

Board 3 Paul won a good game after being allowed to infiltrate with his rook.

Board 4 Ed held a good draw

Board 5 Pete looked to have a draw in a Queen and same coloured bishop ending with equal pawns but let it slip

Board 6 similarly I was at least equal in a bishop and double rook end game but decided to swop the bishop off unnecessarily. This exposed pawn weakness but was not hard to keep equal but made a few blunders in time trouble to lose. Disappointed with myself.

[Phil Pinto 07-02-2024 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 7

Thursday 7th March 2024
 Emsworth A4½-1½Fareham B
1Martin Buckley19621 - 0Joseph Coburn1794
2Kier Eyles19611 - 0Stephen O'Toole1815
3Paul Northcott19531 - 0Ted Black1759
4Peter Dallas17241 - 0Thomas Philidor1727
5Phil Pinto17040 - 1Gerhard Bezuidenhout1655
6Mark Davies1697½ - ½Ashraf Syed1609

Good to get a winning result.

The team played well apart from yours sincerely.

[Phil Pinto 08-03-2024 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 8

Thursday 28th March 2024
 Portsmouth A3½-2½Emsworth A
1Oleg Barantsev20561 - 0Martin Buckley1962
2Tom Bird20681 - 0Kier Eyles1961
3Simon Venables18470 - 1Paul Northcott1953
4William Bradley18851 - 0Edward Blanden1798
5Philip Hebblethwaite16300 - 1Peter Dallas1715
6Paul Barker1426½ - ½Phil Pinto1713

Good wins from Pete - I saw end with a bishop pinning Queen.

Paul produced a fine sacrificial attack to win.

I accepted a draw offer when maybe I should have played on with a very small advantage at start of end game.

I did n't see Ed's game that he lost.

Martin's attack against Oleg did n't work out with him having a few less pawns in an endgame.

Last game to finish was Kier against Tom; Kier was a pawn up attacking with a big time advantage. Unfortunately, Kier went wrong and was annoyed with himself. Happens, so close, always another time.

[Phil Pinto 29-03-2024 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 9

Thursday 18th April 2024
 Emsworth A3½-2½Cosham A
1Martin Buckley1961½ - ½John Wheeler1948
2Kier Eyles1960½ - ½David Cordner1971
3Paul Northcott1957½ - ½Richard Puchades1902
4Edward Blanden1767½ - ½Andrew Smith1770
5Peter Dallas17331 - 0Ray Hartley1754
6Phil Pinto1679½ - ½Matthew Atkins1703

Solid team performance.

Pete turned around a losing ending to winning that gave us our win

[Phil Pinto - WM]

Division 1 - Round 10

Monday 13th May 2024
 Chichester A3-2Emsworth A
1Jaimie Wilson21161 - 0Kier Eyles1964
2Andrew McDougall21331 - 0Paul Northcott1967
3Ian Judd17630 - 1Martin Buckley1949
4William McDougall20390 - 1Edward Blanden1769
5Norbert Gyorke18761 - 0Phil Pinto1683

Last Emsworth A team Portsmouth League 1 match.

Ed took an opportunity to gain a good win.

Martin was patient to wait for board 6 player to be switched to board 3 just before default time and won well.

Paul allowed a Q & B battery mate in low time. Unlucky. see the game here

Kier did not play solid enough.

I was winning but found only way to lose after a clever move by my opponent...

My losing move h3 on board 5.
He played Qg3. Went from +8 to -6

FB0013 - Stockfish Screenshot

[Explanation of the 5-board match and more hereunder - WM]

PDCL D1 Result 2024-05-17.png

[Contributions thanks to Phil Pinto, Paul Northcott and Bill McDougall - 13th May 2024 - WM]