Portsmouth & District Chess League

Division 1 Results 2012-2013

Division 1 - Round 1

Thursday 11th October 2012
 Emsworth A4 - 2 Cosham A
Bd Home Res Away
1Dominic Tunks193½ - ½John F Wheeler186
2Ian Richardson1761 - 0David Cordner168
3Philip Stimpson174½ - ½Richard Puchades171
4Michael Krawczuk1711 - 0Andrew Smith150
5Paul Cooper169½ - ½George Feltham146
6Kier Eyles152½ - ½Peter Dallas140

Division 1 - Round 2

Monday 29th October 2012
 Chichester A3½ - 2½ Emsworth A
Bd Home Res Away
1Andrew McDougall188½ - ½Ian Richardson176
2Jaimie Wilson185½ - ½Kier Eyles152
3Edward J Farrington175½ - ½Siddharth Muthukrishnan 
4Andrew Smith157½ - ½Paul Johnson142
5Keith Davies143½ - ½Derek Shotton117
6Cliff E Cropp1291 - 0David Jerome98

Division 1 - Round 3

Thursday 22nd November 2012
 Emsworth A4 - 2 Fareham A
Bd Home Res Away
1Dominic Tunks193½ - ½Anthony Corkett205
2Keith Richardson1760 - 1Keith Gregory180
3Philip Stimpson1741 - 0Matt Chapman159
4Michael Krawczuk1711 - 0Joseph Coburn154
5Paul Cooper1691 - 0Mike Edwards 
6Kier Eyles152½ - ½Rob Davies101

Division 1 - Round 4

Thursday 13th December 2012
 Emsworth A5 - 1 Gosport
Bd Home Res Away
1Dominic Tunks1931 - 0David W Fowler174
2Keith Richardson176½ - ½John Wilkinson164
3Philip Stimpson1741 - 0Roger Marsh162
4Michael Krawczuk1711 - 0Martin Newbury154
5Paul Cooper1691 - 0David J Holmes158
6Kier Eyles152½ - ½Christopher PA Priest147

Division 1 - Round 5

Thursday 17th January 2013
 Emsworth A4 - 2 Portsmouth A
Bd Home Res Away
1Dominic Tunks2071 - 0Mark Broom198
2Michael Krawczuk1730 - 1Martin Buckley166
3Philip Stimpson179½ - ½Ian Hardwick160
4Keith Richardson1741 - 0Ian Matthew142
5Paul Cooper175½ - ½Simon Venables139
6Kier Eyles1541 - 0Default 

Division 1 - Round 6

Thursday 7th February 2013
 Cosham A3 - 3 Emsworth A
Bd Home Res Away
1John F Wheeler188½ - ½Dominic Tunks207
2David Cordner1720 - 1Keith Richardson174
3Richard Puchades169½ - ½Paul Cooper175
4Andrew Smith1500 - 1Kier Eyles154
5George Feltham1501 - 0Gillian Moore141
6Peter Dallas1411 - 0Paul Johnson143

Division 1 - Round 7

Thursday 28th February 2013
 Emsworth A4½ - 1½ Chichester A
Bd Home Res Away
1Dominic Tunks2071 - 0Andrew McDougall183
2Philip Stimpson179½ - ½Jaimie Wilson189
3Paul Cooper175½ - ½Andrew McDougall181
4Michael Krawczuk1731 - 0Edward J Farrington176
5Siddharth Muthukrishnan1561 - 0Stephen Smith165
6Kier Eyles154½ - ½Keith Davies143

Division 1 - Round 8

Wednesday 20th March 2013
 Portsmouth A1 - 5 Emsworth A
Bd Home Res Away
1Mark Broom198½ - ½Dominic Tunks207
2Bogdan Orlowski155½ - ½Philip Stimpson179
3Ian Matthew1420 - 1Keith Richardson174
4Simon Venables1390 - 1Michael Krawczuk173
5David E C (jnr) Ross1350 - 1Paul Cooper175
6Kenneth Sullivan1290 - 1Clive Gilliam 

Dear All

Our two closest rivals were Chichester A, whom we beat 4½-1½ in round 7, and Portsmouth A, whom we lead 4½-½ in round 8.

I was under pressure for most of my game, but missed a win in the quickplay finish. I'm not sure whether the clock saved me half a point, or cost me a half. Perhaps the draw was fair!

Phil's unfinished game on board 2 takes some absorbing. All the pieces seem to be in white's half of the board. If it was a six nations match, the possession and territory stats would be favouring black (Phil). It somehow looks a bit like a rugby scrum too, with the Rs and Qs acting as the heavies. Surely all this outweighs white's extra pawn?

However with a clean sweep of the bottom 4 boards, it's already job done.

Keith's been white against Ian Matthew in both games. A bit harsh on Ian, that, as he's hardly gotten a look into either. Contrasting QGEs on 4 and 5 - Mike handling the black side well, Paul (same structure, different opening) not bothering with a minority attack when there was a mate to be had. And an elegant debut win for Clive on 6 completes the picture.

With Kier and Srini too, we really are quite an impressive team all of a sudden. There's still a theoretical chance of not winning the league (unless Chichester fluffed their lines against Cosham last night), but....

....round 9 is away to Gosport on 19 April and we finish with what by then should (just) be a showcase match against reigning Champions Fareham on 7 May.


[Fri 22nd March 2013 - WM]

Division 1 - Round 9

Friday 19th April 2013
 Gosport2 - 4 Emsworth A
Bd Home Res Away
1David W Fowler179½ - ½Dominic Tunks207
2John Wilkinson164½ - ½Michael Krawczuk173
3Roger Marsh1620 - 1Philip Stimpson179
4Martin Newbury1540 - 1Keith Richardson174
5David J Holmes158½ - ½Clive Gilliam 
6Christopher PA Priest147½ - ½Siddharth Muthukrishnan156

Division 1 - Round 10

Tuesday 7th May 2013
 Fareham A2½ - 3½ Emsworth A
Bd Home Res Away
1Anthony Corkett203½ - ½Dominic Tunks207
2Keith Gregory1871 - 0Michael Krawczuk173
3Mike Edwards1720 - 1Philip Stimpson179
4David Deacon1560 - 1Keith Richardson174
5Matt Chapman146½ - ½Paul Cooper175
6Dave Elliott142½ - ½Clive Gilliam