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11 July 2019

Club Championship

Mark's run of misadventure continues...

ClubChamp 11 July 2019Paul Northcott1-0Mark Davies

11 July 2019

Club Championship

Four games since the last update...

ClubChamp 13 June 2019Mark Davies0-1Derek Shotton
ClubChamp 13 June 2019Adrian Parker1-0Darren Cook
ClubChamp 27 June 2019Darren Cook1-0Mark Davies
ClubChamp 27 June 2019Paul Northcott½-½Phil Pinto

Two uncharacteristic results see Mark drop from 2nd to 5th.

One of Mark's losses was to Derek who consequently moves up from 6th to 3rd.

And the other (of Mark's losses) was to Darren who, despite a loss to Adrian, moves up from 3rd to 2nd.

Adrian is looking favourite for champion again this year with 8 wins and 1 loss.

The final game was a draw between Paul and Phil. Phil has had some great results in the league this season, including wins against a 149, a 151 and a 152, so a draw against a mere 170 is a bit of a slip-up. LOL. Welcome to the competition Phil!

6 June 2019

Club Championship

ClubChamp 06 June 2019Derek Shotton1-0David Jerome
ClubChamp 06 June 2019David Jerome0-1Derek Shotton

Derek did the double over David last Thursday which was enough to improve Derek's standing by one place.

31 May 2019

Club Championship

ClubChamp 30 May 2019Darren Cook1-0David Jerome

Darren's win last night wasn't quite enough to catch Mark in second place. Both he and Mark still have some work to do to overtake the reigning champion.

30 May 2019

Club Championship

Adrian strengthened his grip on this year's Championship by winning with the Black bits against Derek..

ClubChamp 23 May 2019Derek Shotton0-1Adrian Parker

There was no change at the top of the table but Derek moved up two places because he has played enough games to be a qualifier for a place. All you have to do is win all your remaining games Derek!

17 May 2019

Cole Plate Final

Emsworth were heavily outgunned by Cosham in this final - the average grades were Emsworth 121 v Cosham 171* - so the final result was quite respectable..

ColPlateF 16 May 2019Emsworth1½-3½Cosham

..but we cannot let the event pass by without mentioning the results on two of the five boards:

Bd3David Cordner (173) 0 - 1  Phil Pinto (120)
Bd5George Feltham (141) ½ - ½ David Jerome (73)

David put in a fine performance on Bd5 to hold a 141 to a draw but,
Phil's performance on Bd3 with an effective grade result of 223 was simply stunning!!

* Arthur Brameld's grade estimated at 177

13 May 2019

Division 3

Emsworth C's season ended with a loss to Chichester but the score was a highly respectable 3-2 given the grading difference: Chichester's average was 130 to Emsworth's 103. Well played Phil and particularly Adrian..

Div3 13 May 2019Chichester C3-2Emsworth C

09 May 2019

Division 1

Emsworth and Fareham shared the honours in their final Division 1 league match of the season...

Div1 09 May 2019Emsworth A3-3Fareham A

Club Championship

Mark's win against Steve sees him leap up from 6th to 2nd place but Darren's win against Derek has a less dramatic effect - he remains in 3rd place..

ClubChamp 09 May 2019Mark Davies1-0Steve Barron
ClubChamp 09 May 2019Darren Cook1-0Derek Shotton

2 May 2019

Division 2

Emsworth B finished the season with an epic result. Despite yielding an average grade deficit of just under 30 points per board (107 - 136) Emsworth were the victors by 3 points to 2 in this 2nd Division clash...

Div2 02 May 2019Emsworth B3-2Cosham B

David had a Monster result on board 4, overcoming an opponent 53 grading points higher.

26 April 2019

Club Championship

Three more games played last night plus - oops - one I missed from 28th Feb...

ClubChamp 28 February 2019 Adrian Parker 1-0David Jerome
ClubChamp 25 April 2019 Derek Shotton 1-0Darren Cook
ClubChamp 25 April 2019 Steve Barron 0-1Mark Davies
ClubChamp 25 April 2019 David Jerome 0-1Adrian Parker

The main mover here is Darren - up from 6th to 3rd.
Mark's next game could be quite influential

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18 April 2019

Club Championship

Mark won his double-header versus David and Peter beat Adrian with the black bits..

ClubChamp 18 April 2019Mark Davies 1-0David Jerome
ClubChamp 18 April 2019David Jerome 0-1Mark Davies
ClubChamp 18 April 2019Adrian Parker 0-1Peter Dallas a result,
  Mark moves down from 2nd to 5th and David moves up from 4th to 2nd and
  Adrian moves up from 3rd to 1st and Peter moves 7th to 3rd.
Perhaps someone should check my logic?!

11 April 2019

Division 2

Emsworth B pipped Portsmouth B last night in an evenly matched rescheduled 4th round contest...

Div2 11 April 2019Emsworth B3-2Portsmouth B

Club Championship

Darren won both of his Club Championship games in his double-header against Steve..

ClubChamp 11 April 2019Steve Barron0-1Darren Cook
ClubChamp 11 April 2019Darren Cook1-0Steve Barron

...despite this, those 2 losses put Steve in first place! (mainly due to having passed the <5 game penalty)

08 April 2019

Division 1

Chichester won by the minimum margin in this closely matched Division 1 contest:

Div1 08 April 2019Chichester A3½-2½Emsworth A

04 April 2019

Division 2

Great result for Emsworth 'B' last night with all players getting a draw or better 🙏.

Div2 03 April 2019Portsmouth B1-4Emsworth B

04 April 2019

Remaining League fixtures and Club nights:
 Division 2 Wed 03-04-2019Portsmouth B 1-4  Emsworth B
 Club night Thu 04-04-2019Emsworth   
 Division 1 Mon 08-04-2019Chichester A v  Emsworth A
 Division 2 Thu 11-04-2019Emsworth B v  Portsmouth B
 Club night Thu 18-04-2019Emsworth   
 Club night Thu 25-04-2019Emsworth   
 Division 2 Thu 02-05-2019Emsworth B v  Cosham B
 Division 1 Thu 09-05-2019Emsworth A v  Fareham A
 Division 3 Mon 13-05-2019Chichester C v  Emsworth C
 Club night Thu 16-05-2019Emsworth   

27 March 2019

Division 3

Emsworth are Division 3 champions! With a convincing away win against Fareham C, Emsworth C have an unassailable lead with one match to spare.

Div3 26 March 2019Fareham C1-4Emsworth C

25 March 2019

Division 1

David Fowler resigned his game against Phil S without resumption, the final match score is...

Div1 21 January 2019Emsworth A4½-1½Gosport

21 March 2019

Division 1

Emsworth are on a roll! Following on the heels of our first draw of the season last week, Emsworth A recorded their first win of the season against Gosport tonight, with one game adjourned...

Div1 21 January 2019Emsworth A3½-1½Gosport

Well played to our winners, Kier and (particularly) Phil Pinto, who overcame an opponent over 30 grading points higher - that's a game grade of 201!

Good luck to Phil Stimpson in his adjournment.

14 March 2019

Division 1

Phil Stimpson won his adjourned game with Arthur Brameld so we record our first team point of the season!...

Div1 7 January 2019Cosham A3-3Emsworth A

07 March 2019

Division 1

Peter drew his game with Andrew Smith so we need Phil S to win his adjourned game with Arthur Brameld to salvage our first team point of the season!

Div1 7 January 2019Cosham A3-2Emsworth A

Division 3

Yet another fine performance from Emsworth C sees them win a close match:

Div3 7 January 2019Emsworth C3-2Portsmouth C

Apparently Zoltan's opponent's phone rang early on so Portsmouth defaulted that game.

Club Championship

And finally, on a busy night for Emsworth players, David won both of his Club Championship games in his double-header against Steve:

ClubChamp 07 March 2019Steve Barron0-1David Jerome
ClubChamp 07 March 2019David Jerome1-0Steve Barron

Was there ever any doubt? (See the comment on 21st February) Those 2 wins move David from last place into a medal position.

28 February 2019

Division 1

Emsworth trail Cosham in their 1st Division match with 2 games to finish:

Div1 28 January 2019Cosham A2½-1½Emsworth A

Well played Kier & Phil P. Good luck Phil S and Peter in your adjourned games.

21 February 2019

Division 2

Chichester brought a strong team to Emsworth and it showed in the result:

Div2 21 January 2019Emsworth B1½-3½Chichester B

Well played Zsolt and Phil.

Club Championship

There were two victories with the black pieces in the Club Championship:

ClubChamp 21 February 2019Steve Barron0-1Adrian Parker
ClubChamp 21 February 2019David Jerome0-1Darren Cook

- David - welcome to this year's competition! Are we going to see another epic finish this year?
- Darren's win sees him leap from 8th to 4th place in the competition, just outside the leaderboard.

15 February 2019

I think this says it all!...

Result card 14-02-2019.jpg

But, in case it does not, here was the preamble...

Stand back in amazement !!!!!!
Emsworth C still leading the pack - well done all and thanks for playing david

[David 15-02-2019]

Div3 14 February 2019Cosham C2-3Emsworth C

10 February 2019

Well played Phil (Pinto), however Emsworth A came second against Portsmouth A:

Div1 07 January 2019Emsworth A1½-4½Portsmouth A

08 February 2019

2 favourable results to report versus Fareham!:

Div3 24 January 2019Emsworth C4-1Fareham C
Div2 29 January 2019Emsworth C2-3Fareham C

10 January 2019

Club Championship

Revenge for Kier and another great win for Adrian.

[Mark 10-01-2019]

ClubChamp 10 January 2019Kier Eyles1-0Peter Dallas
ClubChamp 10 January 2019Adrian Parker1-0Derek Shotton

13 December 2018

Division 1

Apart from board 5 in yesterday's A team clash, Emsworth were heavily outgraded, which was reflected in the fact Chichester won 3 times as many points as Emsworth!

Div1 13 December 2018Emsworth A1½-4½Chichester A

6 December 2018

Club Championship

This is my highest ever graded result!

[Mark 06-12-2018]

ClubChamp 29 November 2018Peter Dallas0-1Mark Davies

5 December 2018

Division 3

Overall Portsmouth C 2 v 3 Emsworth C, so a close win for Emsworth.

[Mark 05-12-2018]

Div3 5 December 2018Portsmouth C2-3Emsworth C

3 December 2018

Division 2

Portsmouth are unable to field a team partly due to lack transport difficulties and partly lack of people so I have agreed to cancel the match on Thursday and look to rearrange for next year.

[Mark 03-12-2018]

30 November 2018

Club Championship

Another win for the current leader in the Club Championship:

ClubChamp 29 November 2018Peter Dallas1-0Derek Shotton

29 November 2018

Division 3

Pretty much according to grade in this match ... apart from the top 3 boards!:
 Bd1: a massive win by Mark with a +70 = 194 grading performance
 Bd2: a +32 = 141 grading performance holding draw by Phil
 Bd3: a +48 = 178 grading performance win by Zsolt to clinch the draw in the match

Div3 29 November 2018Emsworth C2½-2½Chichester C

22 November 2018

Club Championship

Another win for the reigning champion in the Club Championship:

ClubChamp 21 November 2018Adrian Parker1-0Steve Barron

20 November 2018

Division 1

3 wins and 3 draws saw Fareham win comfortably against the A team...

Div1 20 November 2018Fareham A4½-1½Emsworth A

19 November 2018

Division 1

Div1 1 November 2018Emsworth A2-4Cosham A

Cosham took 1½ points from the 2 adjourned games to converted their advantage to a comfortable win.

2Phil Stimpson0-1David Pye
3Kier Eyles½-½Arthur Brameld

15 November 2018

Division 2

Div2 15 November 2018Cosham B3½-1½Emsworth B

A tricky night at Cosham.

Paul played a blinder, with rook, bishop, knight and four pawns against queen and five pawns and ended up winning on time.

Peter had a complex middle game and missed a winning attack against him.

Zsolt was a little rusty and lost his queen for bishop early on.

I lost pawn in the opening, but my opponent let me win two pawns in the middle game which I couldn’t fully exploit and ended with a draw.

Phil had what looked like a strong middle game position after opening with the English but his opponent broke through and one a piece and the game.

[Mark 15-11-2018]

10 November 2018

Division 2

Div2 22 October 2018Chichester B3-2Emsworth B

Chichester bagged both points as a result of Lara's win over Peter in their adjourned game from 22nd October.

9 November 2018

Link to Hants Chess 2018 Congress summary. (Navigates away from

Great result for Paul [Northcott] winning the U175 grading prize in the Open.

And Phil [Pinto] came joint second in the Minor.

[Mark 09-11-2018]

6 November 2018

Cole Cup

Cole Cup 6 November 2018Fareham3-2Emsworth

Tony Corket was the deciding factor in this contest - all the other boards were draws.

5 November 2018

Division 3

The C team game away to Portsmouth has been moved from Wednesday 7th November 2018 to Wednesday 5th December 2018

1 November 2018

Division 1

Div1 01 November 2018Emsworth A1½-2½Cosham A

Cosham are in front in this 1st Division contest with 2 games adjourned.

Peter put in another solid performance on board 4, holding Dave Cordner to a draw, but our star of the night was Phil Pinto who stepped in late on board 6 scoring a maximum grading point win (+90) against Andrew Smith - fantastic!

It was good to see yet another strong player return to the Portsmouth League - Arthur Brameld (following Dave Pye's lead) - even if it was for the opposition! Good luck to Phil and Kier in both of these adjourned games.

22 October 2018

Division 2

Div2 22 October 2018Chichester B2-2Emsworth B

Match report

This is a close match, level at 2-2, to be decided by the remaining adjourned game to be played on the 8th November.

I had a relatively easy game on board three after my opponent made a mistake in the opening allowing me to win two pawns. I then charged my pawns down the board forcing the exchange of most of pieces leaving me with 5 pawns, rook and bishop v 3 pawns, rook and bishop. Due to poor planning I had left opposite colour bishops, however he made it easy for me by simply leaving blundering his bishop and then promptly resigned. This was my second best graded win ever in the league.

Adrian on board 5 had a solid game to leave a blockaded position with 6 pawns, 2 rooks and a bishop each. Neither person wanted to weaken their position to open up the position so they agreed a draw.

Phil on board 4 had an even opening with his opponent attacking hard. Phil’s opponent blundered a bishop to try and force his attack forward. Under pressure Phil missed a tactic to win an exchange, and with his opponent’s rooks and queen swarming around Phil’s king, Phil missed a one move checkmate threat and lost.

Paul on board 1 had what looked like a very aggressive king side attack with pawns, rook and queen which was ultimately blunted by his opponent at the cost of a pawn. Paul couldn’t exploit his extra pawn agreed a draw in a very complex pawn, knight and rook end game.

Peter on board 2 had an interesting and complex opening and middle game, is two pawns, but with queens, both rooks, a knight and a bishop each still on the board there is plenty left in the game.

[Mark 23-10-2018]

18 October 2018

Division 3

Div3 18 October 2018Emsworth C3½-1½Cosham C

Stand back in amazement:

Overheard Cosham bd1 A Smith (149) say to Steve LeFevre (122) "How did we lose this match?", so here is the answer:

Strategic team selection on my part - I asked both Phil and Mark to turn up in case Cosham fielded a B team and no Melissa. Sorry Mark for being the sacrificial lamb, even though you held a 149 to the bitter ending of Rook and 1 pawn only made the difference and like the Gentleman you are, resigned bd1.

Phil on bd2 looked like he was behind when J Webb (est 125) forked his K & R with check but then looked again and Phil was marching a pawn down BD with his Rook holding open file so opponent King could not move over to stop it Queening.

Adrian on bd3 recovered from major piece down and with 4 Bishops on board completely locked the centre with an amazing wall of pawns to force draw.

Darren held his Knight and pawn up advantage against Steve LeF, a strong opponent, into a powerful ending and Steve resigned (Steve past grading 130-140).

Derek played bd5 in lieu of me and that was key as Derek played solidly against Cosham Captain Pat McEvoy (130) took no risks and was first out the door. Brilliant win for Derek and team result.

Well done all and thanks for playing

[David 19-10-2018]

18 October 2018

Club Championship

We welcome Peter Dallas to this year's Club Championship - with a fine win over Kier, he leapfrogs everyone else to become the new leader!...

ClubChamp 18 October 2018Peter Dallas1-0Kier Eyles

14 October 2018

Mark Davies

We have a champion in our midsts!...

Mark Golders Green 13-10-2018

Congratulations to Mark for winning the U120? section of the Golders Green FIDE Rapid Chess Tournament with a score of 6/6!

11 October 2018

Club Championship

Adrian - last year's Club Champion - made a strong start in this year's competition, moving straight into first place by winning with the Black pieces against Darren.

ClubChamp 11 October 2018Darren Cook0-1Adrian Parker

10 October 2018

Division 1

Div1 10 October 2018Portsmouth A5-1Emsworth A

Emsworth first team came second to Portsmouth in their opening match of the season. If Portsmouth can field a full team most of this season, they might be title contenders come Spring 2019. Thanks to Peter Dallas for preventing the doughnut.

04 October 2018

Division 2

Div2 04 October 2018Emsworth B2½-2½Fareham B

The B team began its campaign to retain our league two trophy with a solid draw at home against Fareham B.

Paul won on board one after his opponent played an aggressive gambit line sacrificing a rook for 3 pawns in the opening.

Peter had a strong attack against his opponent’s king side, but lost a pawn in the process and after a long game lost.

On board 3, I miscalculated and lost a pawn on move 11 and my opponent ground out a win.

Phil agreeing to play at the last minute on board 4 had a very solid opening and gained significant space advantage and converted this into a couple of pawns in the middle game to win.

Zoltan won a pawn early on at the expensive of leaving his king in the centre. Zoltan opponent attacked and regained a pawn leaving a complex 5 pawns v 5 pawns end game, which after a few moves was an agreed drawn.

[Mark 04-10-2018]

27 September 2018

2018-2019 Fixtures and Results pages have been added.

23 September 2018

Club Championship

ClubChamp 20 September 2018Paul Northcott½-½Kier Eyles

Kier and Paul started the club championship with a hard fought draw on Thursday.

[Mark 23-09-2018]

07 September 2018

***Emsworth Chess Club AGM will be held at***
***7:30 on Thursday 13th September 2018***

07 September 2018

Club Championship

ClubChamp 06 September 2018Kier Eyles 1-0Steve Barron
ClubChamp 06 September 2018Steve Barron 0-1Kier Eyles
ClubChamp 06 September 2018Zoltan Zagonyi 1-0David Jerome

Well it is all over, with David not quite managing to catch Adrian despite David playing a heroic number of games in the last week.

[Mark 06-09-2018]

06 September 2018

Club Championship

David played another double-header last night in his relentless bid to win this year's Club Championship...

ClubChamp 05 September 2018David Jerome 0-1Paul Northcott
ClubChamp 05 September 2018Paul Northcott 1-0David Jerome

Despite another 2 losses, David has closed the gap on Adrian but David still needs at least a draw in his game(s!) - tonight against Zoltan - to overtake Adrian. Of course, Adrian may have a defensive strategy of his own?

04 September 2018

Club Championship

ClubChamp 03 September 2018Phil Pinto 1-0David Jerome
ClubChamp 03 September 2018David Jerome 0-1Phil Pinto

In another couple of near misses for David but Phil played very solidly to win both games played in the snooker room of the Emsworth Sports & Social club.

[Mark 03-09-2018]

03 September 2018

Club Championship

ClubChamp 02 September 2018Kier Eyles 1-0David Jerome
ClubChamp 02 September 2018David Jerome 0-1Kier Eyles

David & Kier spent Sunday playing a couple of games in the club championship in Starbucks in Portsmouth.

In a close first game, Kier castled short and David long, and Kier broke through before David had a chance to get his kingside attack going. David missed a really interesting rook sacrifice which may have required a computer move level of accuracy in defence.

We then had a drink and very nice lunch at Wetherspoons.

In the second game, David played an advanced variation against the French, with an interesting idea of pushing his a pawn to a5 and according to computer analysis was equal right up until move 30 after Kier had sacrificed his h pawn to try and create an attack in a closed position.

Picture: Kier about to win against David in the second game.

David v Kier 02-09-2018

[Mark 02-09-2018]

30 August 2018

Club Championship

In the penultimate week, there were the following results:

ClubChamp 30 August 2018Mark Davies 1-0Derek Shotton
ClubChamp 30 August 2018Steve Barron 0-1David Jerome
ClubChamp 30 August 2018Adrian Parker ½-½Phil Pinto
ClubChamp 30 August 2018David Jerome 0-1Steve Barron

In what was probably the championship deciding week, I was out-played in the opening by Derek who ended up with a passed pawn on d6. However Derek didn't quite find the winning move and I just managed to hold on and then go on to win.

In their first game, David and Steve had a completed blocked pawn position with all the pawns facing each other. On move 40 David made the first take by sacrificing his knight for a pawn and broke through Steve's defence and went on to win.

Adrian and Phil had a high quality draw, with Adrian avoiding a few traps and ending up in a Queen & Rook plus pawns v Queen & Rook plus pawns end game going nowhere.

David had a more comfortable second win against Steve.

It looks like it might be all over with Adrian now having a comfortable lead in the championship but there is one more week to go and people can play mid week. So we will have to wait until Thursday to get the final result!

[Mark 30-08-2018]

24 August 2018

Club Championship

Two results in the Club Championship tonight...

ClubChamp 23 August 2018Zoltan Zagonyi0-1Mark Davies
ClubChamp 23 August 2018David Jerome 0-1Adrian Parker

Welcome to the competition Zoltan.

Adrian (1st) has increased his lead over Darren (2nd) but Mark (now 3rd) has narrowed Adrian's lead and swapped places with David (now 4th). Can Mark - current holder of the title - overtake Adrian and Darren?

If Mark could win against Zoltan a second time, he could move into second place. The same could be achieved by drawing with Kier. If Mark could achieve both of these results, he could move into first place. But one good result from any of the top 4 and it could all change again.

16 August 2018

In another packed evening - 10 people turned up altogether - we have the following 4 results for Thursday 16th August. Black was victorious in all four games.

Steve (white) lost to Derek
Adrian (white) lost to David
Darren (white) lost to Mark
Derek (white) lost to Steve

ClubChamp 16 August 2018Steve Barron 0-1Derek Shotton
ClubChamp 16 August 2018Adrian Parker 0-1David Jerome
ClubChamp 16 August 2018Darren Cook 0-1Mark Davies
ClubChamp 16 August 2018Derek Shotton 0-1Steve Barron

Might have shaken things up a bit!

[Mark 16-08-2018]

14 August 2018

The new season is drawing close.

The Portsmouth & District League AGM will be held on Thursday 20th September 2018 at Cosham Community Centre, Wootton Street, Cosham - 2018/9 Fixtures will be added following this.

11 August 2018

Club Championship

ClubChamp 2 August 2018Darren Cook1-0Steve Barron
ClubChamp 2 August 2018Steve Barron0-1Darren Cook
ClubChamp 9 August 2018Darren Cook1-0David Jerome
ClubChamp 9 August 2018Steve Barron0-1Adrian Parker
ClubChamp 9 August 2018Mark Davies½-½Paul Northcott
ClubChamp 9 August 2018Adrian Parker1-0Steve Barron

Lots of games and I'm please with my good drawn game against Paul, which goes some way to make up for my loss against David. I just missed pxp on move 26.

Mark v Paul N 09-08-2018

[Mark 09-08-2018]

06 August 2018

Golders Green Rapidplay Chess

Kier, David and myself had a successful tournament in the Golders Green Rapidplay on the 4th August. It was a very hot day in St Luke's church.

Kier played in the Open and scored 3 out of 6 coming joint 14th with a tournament FIDE performance of 1910 (against his grade of 1821). In his last game he beat Daniel Wright (FIDE grade 2211).

David played in the U120 and scored 2 out of 6 coming joint 34th with a tournament FIDE performance of 1234 (against his grade of 1195). This included a win against a 1399 rated player.

I played in the U120 and scored 5.5 out of 6 coming 1st with a tournament FIDE performance of 1707 (against my grade of 1485).

We finished the day a lovely meal at a French restaurant and then a slow train home (due to the train strike).

[Mark 06-08-2018]

04 August 2018

Golders Green Rapidplay Chess

Images courtesy of Mark:

Waiting for the chess to start...

Mark Golders Green 04-08-2018 1

Beautiful stain glass windows...

St Lukes Hampstead

David at the board...

David Golders Green 04-08-2018

Feeling happy after winning outright the amateur section of the Golder's Green rapidplay chess.

Mark Golders Green 04-08-2018 2

30 July 2018

Club Championship

ClubChamp 26 July 2018Steve Barron0-1Mark Davies
ClubChamp 26 July 2018Mark Davies1-0Steve Barron
ClubChamp 26 July 2018Mark Davies0-1David Jerome

A flurry of activity from Mark added a sixth of this season's Club Championship games in one night!

We welcome Steve to this year's competition: his two losses to Mark see him enter the rankings in sixth place.

Finally, A huge win for David (earning him the maximum possible 90 grading points) over Mark sees him edge Darren out of third place in the competition - Mark magnanimously provided the game details for this...

Mark v David 26-07-2018

David won in 20 moves. I missed that on move 11 I could just play pxp as David couldn't take back with the queen due to the threat of Bxh7.

[Mark 26-07-2018]

20 June 2018

Club Championship

ClubChamp 19 July 2018David Jerome0-1Mark Davies

In an attempt to retain my trophy, I won against David this evening in the championship. However David missed a forced draw right at the very end of the game.

David v Mark 19-07-2018

The game continued....

33 .... Qb1 ???
34 Rf8+!!! RxR
35 Qe2??? Qh1+mate

David missed 35 QxR+ forced draw as KxQ is stalemate.

[Mark 19-07-2018]

09 June 2018

Adrian has increased his hold on this year's Club Championship with a consistent win against Derek. Although Kier is currently in 1st place in the Tournament table, he has another 4 games to play to meet the minimum of 5 to qualify. However the bigger challenge Kier faces is maintaining the standard he achieved in his one game so far - a win against Paul.

ClubChamp 07 June 2018Adrian Parker1-0Derek Shotton