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12 March 2020

Division 1

A hard fought match between Emsworth and Cosham ended in a draw:

Division 1
 Division 1 Thu 12-03-2020Emsworth A 3-3 Cosham A

04 March 2020

Division 3

Emsworth took a strong team to Portsmouth and it showed:

Division 3
 Division 3 Wed 04-03-2020Portsmouth C1-4 Emsworth C

Emsworth C average grade 126 - ouch!

02 March 2020

Upcoming events

March fixtures
 Division 3 Wed 04-03-2020Portsmouth C  v Emsworth C
 Division 1 Thu 12-03-2020Emsworth A  v Cosham A
 Division 2 Tue 17-03-2020Fareham B  v Emsworth B
 Division 3 Thu 26-03-2020Cosham C  v Emsworth C
 Division 1 Thu 31-03-2020Fareham A  v Emsworth A

27 February 2020

Division 2

A clean sweep for the visitors in this 2nd Division tie:

Division 2
 Division 2 Thu 27-02-2020Emsworth B0-5 Cosham B

20 February 2020

2019-2020 Club Championship

After a bit of a wobble, Peter is back to his winning ways in the Club Championship.
David drops below Stuart on the leaderboard.

Club Championship
ClubChamp 20 February 2020Peter Dallas 1-0 David Jerome

13 February 2020

Cole Cup

After 2 rounds of the Cole Cup (both against Cosham) Emsworth have a board score of 10-0! Fantastic!!

Cole Cup
 Cole Cup Thu 13-02-2020Cosham A0-5 Emsworth

10 February 2020

Division 3

Despite fielding a C team with a 127 on board 4(!), Chichester were unable to overcome Emsworth this week:

Division 3
 Division 3 Mon 10-02-2020Chichester C 2½-2½ Emsworth C

06 February 2020

2019-2020 Club Championship

Congratulations to Stuart for beating Peter in the Club Championship:

Club Championship
ClubChamp 06 February 2020Peter Dallas 0-1 Stuart Hallworth

03 February 2020

February fixtures

February fixtures
 Division 3 Mon 10-02-2020Chichester C  v Emsworth C
 Cole Cup Thu 13-02-2020Cosham A  v Emsworth
 Division 2 Thu 27-02-2020Emsworth B  v Cosham B

03 February 2020

Division 1

Phil Stimpson resigned in his adjourned game against Bill McDougall:

Division 1
 Division 1 Thu 30-01-2020Emsworth A 2-4 Chichester A

30 January 2020

Division 1

Emsworth A's home match with Chichester A stands 2-3 with Phil Stimpson's game against Bill McDougall to finish:

Division 1
 Division 1 Thu 30-01-2020Emsworth A 2-3 Chichester A

23 January 2020

Division 1

Phil won his adjourned game against David Pye and thereby the match.

Division 1
 Division 1 Thu 23-01-2020Cosham A 2½-3½ Emsworth A

Brilliant win Phil! That result means we leapfrog Cosham in the table.

PandDL1 200124.jpg

The following link navigates away from Emsworth Chess Club:
(Portsmouth and District League Division 1)

23 January 2020

Division 3

The visitors brought a strong team to Emsworth this week.

Division 3
 Division 3 Thu 23-01-2020Emsworth C 1½-3½ Cosham C

16 January 2020

2019-2020 Club Championship

David is on fire so far this season in the Club Championship with +34 grading points after 2 games (+54 without the <10 game penalty):

Club Championship
ClubChamp 16 January 2020David Jerome 1-0 Derek Shotton

16 January 2020

Division 2

Fareham were just the stronger in this second division meeting at Emsworth:

Division 2
 Division 2 Thu 16-01-2020Emsworth B 2-3 Emsworth A

09 January 2020

Division 1

Emsworth A's match away to Cosham A is currently tied 2½-2½ with Phil's game against David Pye adjourned:

Division 1
 Division 1 Thu 09-01-2020Cosham A 2½-2½ Emsworth A

Congratulations and thanks to Peter and Mark for providing 2 of that 2½!

05 January 2020

January Upcoming Events

January - upcoming events
 Division 1 Thu 09-01-2020Cosham A  v  Emsworth A
 Division 2 Thu 16-01-2020Emsworth B  v Fareham B
 Division 3 Thu 23-01-2020Emsworth C  v  Cosham C
 Division 1 Thu 30-01-2020Emsworth A  v  Chichester A

19 December 2019

Division 3

There was a strong finish to 2019 for Emsworth C:

Division 3
 Division 3 Thu 19-12-2019Emsworth C 4½-½ Chichester C

Emsworth C are currently joint top of the table with Cosham C.

12 December 2019

Division 1

Arthur Brameld and Phil Stimpson have agreed a draw so the final match result is Emsworth A 2 - Fareham A 4:

Division 1
 Division 1 Thu 05-12-2019Emsworth A 2-4 Fareham A

05 December 2019

Division 1

Emsworth A had a tough home match against Fareham A - they are losing 1½-3½ with one game adjourned.

Division 1
 Division 1 Thu 05-12-2019Emsworth A 1½-3½ Fareham A

Arthur Brameld v Phil Stimpson is the remaining unfinished game.

01 December 2019

December Upcoming Events

December - upcoming events
 Division 1 Thu 05-12-2019Emsworth A v  Fareham A
 Club night Thu 12-12-2019* Emsworth XMAScompetition *
 Division 3 Thu 19-12-2019Emsworth C v  Portsmouth C

28 November 2019

Cole Cup

Emsworth considerably outgraded their opposition in the Cole Cup and this showed in the scoreline...

Cole Cup
 Cole Cup Thu 28-11-2019Emsworth 5-0 Cosham B

This (Emsworth home) match was played at Cosham because it clashed with Emsworth C v Chichester C.

Another point that the scoreline does not show is that Phil Stimpson had to play brilliantly to secure his victory - most impressive!!

28 November 2019

Division 3

Our C team overcame Chichester's in this week's division 3 meeting:

Division 3
 Division 3 Thu 28-11-2019Emsworth C 3-2 Chichester C

21 November 2019

Division 2

The visitors were the strongest on the day in this B-team meeting:

Division 2
 Division 2 Thu 21-11-2019Emsworth B 1½-3½ Chichester B

14 November 2019

2019-2020 Club Championship

Two more games see two new entrants to this year's competition move straight into position 1 and 2:

ClubChamp 14 November 2019Derek Shotton ½-½ David Jerome
ClubChamp 14 November 2019Kier Eyles 1-0 Peter Dallas

13 November 2019

Division 1

Emsworth A had a convincing win over Portsmouth A with one game to finish:

Division 1
 Division 1 Wed 13-11-2019Portsmouth A 1-4 Emsworth A

Phil Stimpson v Ian Hardwick is the remaining unfinished game.

07 October 2019

2019-2020 Club Championship

Peter maintains his 100% record in the 2019-2020 Club Championship:

ClubChamp 07 November 2019Derek Shotton 0-1 Peter Dallas

I note that we currently have a tie for second place - an eventuality not catered for in the rules!

07 November 2019

Division 3

Cosham C were the victors against Emsworth C in this division 3 clash:

Division 3
 Division 3 Thu 07-11-2019Cosham C 3-2  Emsworth C

04 November 2019

Division 1

The adjourned game Steve Smith v Peter Dallas was agreed drawn so....

Division 1
 Division 1 Mon 28-10-2019Chichester A 3½-2½  Emsworth A

01 November 2019

League Fixtures

November - League fixtures
 Division 3 Thu 07-11-2019Cosham C v  Emsworth C
 Division 1 Wed 13-11-2019Portsmouth A v  Emsworth A
 Division 2 Thu 21-11-2019Emsworth B v  Chichester B
 Division 3 Thu 28-11-2019Emsworth C v  Chichester C

31 October 2019

Division 2

Emsworth B drew another match but this time against stronger opposition...

Division 2
 Division 2 Thu 31-10-2019Cosham B 2½-2½  Emsworth B

28 October 2019

Division 1

Emsworth A had the expected tough match away to Chichester A....

Division 1
 Division 1 Mon 28-10-2019Chichester A 3-2  Emsworth A

The match result rests on the outcome of Steve Smith v Peter Dallas

24 October 2019

2019-2020 Club Championship

We welcome new player Edward Blanden to Emsworth Chess Club and to the 2019-2020 Club Championship...

ClubChamp 24 October 2019Edward Blanden0-1Peter Dallas

...another solid perfomance from Peter who leads the tournament with 2/2.

17 October 2019

2019-2020 Club Championship

Peter and Mark get the 2019-2020 Club Championship started...

ClubChamp 17 October 2019Peter Dallas1-0Mark Davies

16 October 2019

Division 3

Emsworth C had a winning start to the new season....

Division 3
 Division 3 Wed 16-10-2019Portsmouth C 2-3  Emsworth C

13 October 2019

Division 2

Honours were even in Emsworth B's first match of the season...

Division 2
 Division 2 Thu 10-10-2019Emsworth B 2½-2½  Portsmouth B

10 October 2019

League Fixtures

October - League fixtures
 Division 2 Thu 10-10-2019Emsworth B v  Portsmouth B
 Division 3 Wed 16-10-2019Portsmouth C v  Emsworth C
 Division 1 Mon 28-10-2019Chichester A v  Emsworth A

Good luck to Emsworth B in their first match of the season tonight and to Emsworth C, the reigning Division 3 Champions, next week.

04 October 2019

League Fixtures

Fixtures for the Portsmouth and District League 2019/2020 season have been added.

04 October 2019

Club Championship

2018/19 Season - Congratulations to Adrian Parker for winning his second Club Championship.

2019/20 The new Club Championship season is open so let the games begin and remember: no kicking, biting or screaming.

29 August 2019

Club Championship

Two results this week...

ClubChamp 29 August 2019Peter Dallas0-1Mike Krawczuk
ClubChamp 29 August 2019Kier Eyles½-½Mark Davies

Mark's turn to leapfrog Darren into second place after another fine draw against Kier. Mark is now only 0.6 of a grading point behind the leader - Adrian.

Pos Player P W D L Pts
1 Adrian Parker 10 8 0 2 23.4
2 Mark Davies 13 7 2 4 22.8
3 Darren Cook 12 6 0 6 17.8

Adrian has yet to play Kier, Mark, Mike, Paul & Phil.

Darren has yet to play Kier, Mike, Paul.

Mark has yet to play Adrian, Mike & Phil and can play W v Paul.

Surely Adrian has got to play Mark as a decider in the final game next week!?

27 August 2019

Club Championship

ClubChamp 22 August 2019Peter Dallas1-0Darren Cook

Darren benefited from this loss, leapfrogging Mark into second place.

Pos Player P W D L Pts
1 Adrian Parker 10 8 0 2 23.4
2 Darren Cook 12 6 0 6 17.8
3 Mark Davies 12 7 1 4 15.9

Adrian has yet to play Kier, Mark, Mike, Paul & Phil.

Darren has yet to play Kier, Mike, Paul.

Mark has yet to play Adrian, Mike & Phil and can play W v Paul and B v Kier.

08 August 2019

Club Championship

Just one game this week...

ClubChamp 08 August 2019Mark Davies1-0Darren Cook

As was the case last week, both second and third placed players have made ground on the leader, particularly Mark who leapfrogs his opponent in the title race.

Pos Player P W D L Pts
1 Adrian Parker 10 8 0 2 23.4
2 Mark Davies 12 7 1 4 15.9
3 Darren Cook 11 6 0 5 14.8

Adrian has yet to play Kier, Mark, Mike, Paul & Phil.

Mark has yet to play Adrian, Mike & Phil and can play W v Paul and B v Kier.

Darren has yet to play Kier, Mike, Paul & Phil and can play Peter with the Black pieces.

01 August 2019

Club Championship

Two games this week...

ClubChamp 01 August 2019Darren Cook0-1Peter Dallas
ClubChamp 01 August 2019Mark Davies½-½Kier Eyles

Both second and third placed players have made ground on the leader, particularly Mark who, with an outstanding draw against Kier, gains 11.7 grading points on Adrian.

Pos Player P W D L Pts
1 Adrian Parker 10 8 0 2 23.4
2 Darren Cook 10 6 0 4 12.6
3 Mark Davies 11 6 1 4 6.5

Adrian has yet to play Kier, Mark, Mike, Paul & Phil.

Darren has yet to play Kier, Mike, Paul & Phil and can play Mark and Peter with the Black pieces.

Mark has yet to play Adrian, Mike & Phil and can play W v Darren or Paul and B v Kier.

Because all 3 leaders are in best-10-results territory, by my calculations, all 3 would be gauranteed to benefit from playing Kier, Mike and Paul. However, playing each other is the biggest gamble:-)

27 July 2019

Club Championship

Five games since the last update...

ClubChamp 18 July 2019Derek Shotton0-1Mark Davies
ClubChamp 18 July 2019Peter Dallas1-0Adrian Parker
ClubChamp 18 July 2019Paul Northcott1-0Mike Krawczuk
ClubChamp 25 July 2019Mike Krawczuk1-0Paul Northcott
ClubChamp 25 July 2019Mark Davies0-1Peter Dallas

The current leaderboard is as follows..

Pos Player P W D L Pts
1 Adrian Parker 10 8 0 2 23.4
2 Darren Cook 9 6 0 3 11.1
3 Mark Davies 10 6 0 4 -5.2

11 July 2019

Club Championship

Mark's run of misadventure continues...

ClubChamp 11 July 2019Paul Northcott1-0Mark Davies

11 July 2019

Club Championship

Four games since the last update...

ClubChamp 13 June 2019Mark Davies0-1Derek Shotton
ClubChamp 13 June 2019Adrian Parker1-0Darren Cook
ClubChamp 27 June 2019Darren Cook1-0Mark Davies
ClubChamp 27 June 2019Paul Northcott½-½Phil Pinto

Two uncharacteristic results see Mark drop from 2nd to 5th.

One of Mark's losses was to Derek who consequently moves up from 6th to 3rd.

And the other (of Mark's losses) was to Darren who, despite a loss to Adrian, moves up from 3rd to 2nd.

Adrian is looking favourite for champion again this year with 8 wins and 1 loss.

The final game was a draw between Paul and Phil. Phil has had some great results in the league this season, including wins against a 149, a 151 and a 152, so a draw against a mere 170 is a bit of a slip-up. LOL. Welcome to the competition Phil!

6 June 2019

Club Championship

ClubChamp 06 June 2019Derek Shotton1-0David Jerome
ClubChamp 06 June 2019David Jerome0-1Derek Shotton

Derek did the double over David last Thursday which was enough to improve Derek's standing by one place.

31 May 2019

Club Championship

ClubChamp 30 May 2019Darren Cook1-0David Jerome

Darren's win last night wasn't quite enough to catch Mark in second place. Both he and Mark still have some work to do to overtake the reigning champion.

30 May 2019

Club Championship

Adrian strengthened his grip on this year's Championship by winning with the Black bits against Derek..

ClubChamp 23 May 2019Derek Shotton0-1Adrian Parker

There was no change at the top of the table but Derek moved up two places because he has played enough games to be a qualifier for a place. All you have to do is win all your remaining games Derek!

17 May 2019

Cole Plate Final

Emsworth were heavily outgunned by Cosham in this final - the average grades were Emsworth 121 v Cosham 171* - so the final result was quite respectable..

ColPlateF 16 May 2019Emsworth1½-3½Cosham

..but we cannot let the event pass by without mentioning the results on two of the five boards:

Bd3David Cordner (173) 0 - 1  Phil Pinto (120)
Bd5George Feltham (141) ½ - ½ David Jerome (73)

David put in a fine performance on Bd5 to hold a 141 to a draw but,
Phil's performance on Bd3 with an effective grade result of 223 was simply stunning!!

* Arthur Brameld's grade estimated at 177

13 May 2019

Division 3

Emsworth C's season ended with a loss to Chichester but the score was a highly respectable 3-2 given the grading difference: Chichester's average was 130 to Emsworth's 103. Well played Phil and particularly Adrian..

Div3 13 May 2019Chichester C3-2Emsworth C

09 May 2019

Division 1

Emsworth and Fareham shared the honours in their final Division 1 league match of the season...

Div1 09 May 2019Emsworth A3-3Fareham A

Club Championship

Mark's win against Steve sees him leap up from 6th to 2nd place but Darren's win against Derek has a less dramatic effect - he remains in 3rd place..

ClubChamp 09 May 2019Mark Davies1-0Steve Barron
ClubChamp 09 May 2019Darren Cook1-0Derek Shotton

2 May 2019

Division 2

Emsworth B finished the season with an epic result. Despite yielding an average grade deficit of just under 30 points per board (107 - 136) Emsworth were the victors by 3 points to 2 in this 2nd Division clash...

Div2 02 May 2019Emsworth B3-2Cosham B

David had a Monster result on board 4, overcoming an opponent 53 grading points higher.

26 April 2019

Club Championship

Three more games played last night plus - oops - one I missed from 28th Feb...

ClubChamp 28 February 2019 Adrian Parker 1-0David Jerome
ClubChamp 25 April 2019 Derek Shotton 1-0Darren Cook
ClubChamp 25 April 2019 Steve Barron 0-1Mark Davies
ClubChamp 25 April 2019 David Jerome 0-1Adrian Parker

The main mover here is Darren - up from 6th to 3rd.
Mark's next game could be quite influential

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18 April 2019

Club Championship

Mark won his double-header versus David and Peter beat Adrian with the black bits..

ClubChamp 18 April 2019Mark Davies 1-0David Jerome
ClubChamp 18 April 2019David Jerome 0-1Mark Davies
ClubChamp 18 April 2019Adrian Parker 0-1Peter Dallas a result,
  Mark moves down from 2nd to 5th and David moves up from 4th to 2nd and
  Adrian moves up from 3rd to 1st and Peter moves 7th to 3rd.
Perhaps someone should check my logic?!

11 April 2019

Division 2

Emsworth B pipped Portsmouth B last night in an evenly matched rescheduled 4th round contest...

Div2 11 April 2019Emsworth B3-2Portsmouth B

Club Championship

Darren won both of his Club Championship games in his double-header against Steve..

ClubChamp 11 April 2019Steve Barron0-1Darren Cook
ClubChamp 11 April 2019Darren Cook1-0Steve Barron

...despite this, those 2 losses put Steve in first place! (mainly due to having passed the <5 game penalty)

08 April 2019

Division 1

Chichester won by the minimum margin in this closely matched Division 1 contest:

Div1 08 April 2019Chichester A3½-2½Emsworth A

04 April 2019

Division 2

Great result for Emsworth 'B' last night with all players getting a draw or better 🙏.

Div2 03 April 2019Portsmouth B1-4Emsworth B

04 April 2019

Remaining League fixtures and Club nights:
 Division 2 Wed 03-04-2019Portsmouth B 1-4  Emsworth B
 Club night Thu 04-04-2019Emsworth   
 Division 1 Mon 08-04-2019Chichester A v  Emsworth A
 Division 2 Thu 11-04-2019Emsworth B v  Portsmouth B
 Club night Thu 18-04-2019Emsworth   
 Club night Thu 25-04-2019Emsworth   
 Division 2 Thu 02-05-2019Emsworth B v  Cosham B
 Division 1 Thu 09-05-2019Emsworth A v  Fareham A
 Division 3 Mon 13-05-2019Chichester C v  Emsworth C
 Club night Thu 16-05-2019Emsworth   

27 March 2019

Division 3

Emsworth are Division 3 champions! With a convincing away win against Fareham C, Emsworth C have an unassailable lead with one match to spare.

Div3 26 March 2019Fareham C1-4Emsworth C

25 March 2019

Division 1

David Fowler resigned his game against Phil S without resumption, the final match score is...

Div1 21 January 2019Emsworth A4½-1½Gosport

21 March 2019

Division 1

Emsworth are on a roll! Following on the heels of our first draw of the season last week, Emsworth A recorded their first win of the season against Gosport tonight, with one game adjourned...

Div1 21 January 2019Emsworth A3½-1½Gosport

Well played to our winners, Kier and (particularly) Phil Pinto, who overcame an opponent over 30 grading points higher - that's a game grade of 201!

Good luck to Phil Stimpson in his adjournment.

14 March 2019

Division 1

Phil Stimpson won his adjourned game with Arthur Brameld so we record our first team point of the season!...

Div1 7 January 2019Cosham A3-3Emsworth A

07 March 2019

Division 1

Peter drew his game with Andrew Smith so we need Phil S to win his adjourned game with Arthur Brameld to salvage our first team point of the season!

Div1 7 January 2019Cosham A3-2Emsworth A

Division 3

Yet another fine performance from Emsworth C sees them win a close match:

Div3 7 January 2019Emsworth C3-2Portsmouth C

Apparently Zoltan's opponent's phone rang early on so Portsmouth defaulted that game.

Club Championship

And finally, on a busy night for Emsworth players, David won both of his Club Championship games in his double-header against Steve:

ClubChamp 07 March 2019Steve Barron0-1David Jerome
ClubChamp 07 March 2019David Jerome1-0Steve Barron

Was there ever any doubt? (See the comment on 21st February) Those 2 wins move David from last place into a medal position.

28 February 2019

Division 1

Emsworth trail Cosham in their 1st Division match with 2 games to finish:

Div1 28 January 2019Cosham A2½-1½Emsworth A

Well played Kier & Phil P. Good luck Phil S and Peter in your adjourned games.

21 February 2019

Division 2

Chichester brought a strong team to Emsworth and it showed in the result:

Div2 21 January 2019Emsworth B1½-3½Chichester B

Well played Zsolt and Phil.

Club Championship

There were two victories with the black pieces in the Club Championship:

ClubChamp 21 February 2019Steve Barron0-1Adrian Parker
ClubChamp 21 February 2019David Jerome0-1Darren Cook

- David - welcome to this year's competition! Are we going to see another epic finish this year?
- Darren's win sees him leap from 8th to 4th place in the competition, just outside the leaderboard.

15 February 2019

I think this says it all!...

Result card 14-02-2019.jpg

But, in case it does not, here was the preamble...

Stand back in amazement !!!!!!
Emsworth C still leading the pack - well done all and thanks for playing david

[David 15-02-2019]

Div3 14 February 2019Cosham C2-3Emsworth C

10 February 2019

Well played Phil (Pinto), however Emsworth A came second against Portsmouth A:

Div1 07 January 2019Emsworth A1½-4½Portsmouth A

08 February 2019

2 favourable results to report versus Fareham!:

Div3 24 January 2019Emsworth C4-1Fareham C
Div2 29 January 2019Emsworth C2-3Fareham C

10 January 2019

Club Championship

Revenge for Kier and another great win for Adrian.

[Mark 10-01-2019]

ClubChamp 10 January 2019Kier Eyles1-0Peter Dallas
ClubChamp 10 January 2019Adrian Parker1-0Derek Shotton