Portsmouth & District Chess League

Division 3 Results 2015-2016

Division 3 - Match 1

Thursday 22nd October 2015
 Emsworth CFareham C
BdName Gr Res Name Gr Res
1Zoltan Zagonyi114 1 Rob Davies 99 0
2Darren Cook 98 1 Les Springthorpe 88 0
3David Jerome 72 1 David Anderson 87 0
4Steve Barron 64 0 Jia Feng 1
5Mark Davies 1 Chris Buck 45 0
 4 1

A great start to the new season with a 4 out of 5 result for Emsworth C Team.

Zoltan remained cool and retained his pawn advantage and at one point looked like pinning both of Rob’s Rooks.

Darren played a marathon but always looked winning having pushed his g pawn down the board and sat it there for the entire game, although both were into the last 5 mins on the clock but Darren stayed focussed and got the result he deserved.

I shocked my opponent with a quiet Queen move to avoid loads of tactics in the centre and supported by a Knight on the rim (grim), diagonally shot down the board if front of my opponents king (goodnight to him).

As for Stephen, he lapsed with loads of time left and had a won position with Rook and Knight (v Bishop) double checking his opponents king trapped in the corner – don’t know what happened there.

Our new member, Mark Davies, was placed on bottom board for experience of recording games and using clock again – although he is U/G looks like a B Team player to me already.

regards, david [jerome, 23 Oct 2015]

Division 3 - Match 2

Wednesday 11th November 2015
 Portsmouth CEmsworth C
BdName Gr Res Name Gr Res
1Ken Sullivan 140 1 Mark Davies 0
2Paul Eyles 101 0 Zoltan Zagonyi114 1
3Stephen Russell 124 1 Darren Cook 98 0
4David Ransley 103 0 David Jerome 72 1
5Brian Cochran 95 0 Steve Barron 64 1
 2 3

A great night for Emsworth C Team again, v a strong Portsmouth side (look at gradings we were up against). I noted Mike Spence from Bognor was in the room watching our games so we must be considered a threat by other Captains LOL:

Mark played a great game and to me looked even for a long time against a 140BCF opponent, well done Mark.

Zoltan stayed cool and was a major piece up against Paul Eyles early in the night, but never underestimate Paul, I have seen him on a good night and he won Portsmouth Club Champsionship.

Darren had a great game too, took his time and his opponent even apologised for beating him - reviewing Darren's game at the club on Monday with Kier if anyone else would like to join us for an evening of games analysis - bring along a game or two rather than a friend.

As for Stephen, our new secret weapon, with a convincing win over Brian on the bottom board, noting Brian had a couple of good results at the Eastleigh Chess Congress last weekend v over 100 grades, so I don't know what your drinking Stephen but I might switch from tea and join you in future.

Having lost to both Stephen and Derek in the CC lately, I needed the win on Board 4 against a relatively strong opponent (now 2 wins out of 2 for me in the Ruth Rose Trophy this year).

Overall a great team effort which keeps us on track for a great season. The only concern I have is that we all help Darren get over his loss - as most of us know how that feels. I reminded Darren it took me about 20 losses before I even won any games so I will be a hard act to follow !!

regards, david [jerome, 12 Nov 2015]

Division 3 - Match 3

Thursday 10th December 2015
 Emsworth CChi @ Bognor
BdName Gr Res Name Gr Res
1Zoltan Zagonyi 1140 Bill Partridge 1361
2Nitin Parekh 125½ Andrew Keil 118½
3Darren Cook 98 0 Mike Spence 1121
4Steve Barron 64 0 Donald Close 85 1
5David Jerome 72 0 David Mawson 64 1

Division 3 - Match 4

Thursday 28th January 2016
 Emsworth CChichester D
BdName Gr Res Name Gr Res
1Nitin Parekh 127 1 Rafael Harbour 119 0
2Zoltan Zagonyi112 1 Ian Richardson 115 0
3Darren Cook 109 0 Alex Miller 110 1
4Stephen Barron68 0 Philip Wake 107 1
5David Jerome 63 0 Dominic Carter 78 1
 2 3

Division 3 - Match 5

Tuesday 16th February 2016
 Fareham CEmsworth C
BdName Gr Res Name Gr Res
1Chas Chapman 103 0Mark Davies 1
2Les Springthorpe 88 0Darren Cook 98 1
3David Anderson 87 0Derek Shotton 107 1
4Gavin Stonham 47 0Steve Barron 64 1
5Melissa Hamilton 58 0David Jerome 72 1
 0 5

Division 3 - Match 6

Thursday 10th March 2016
 Emsworth CPortsmouth C
BdName Gr Res Name Gr Res
1Mark Davies 0 D Popov 1
2Darren Cook 109 0 Paul Eyles 100 1
3Derek Shotton 105 0 Robert Treloar 117 1
4Steve Barron 68 0 David Ransley 98 1
5David Jerome 63 1 Brian Cochran 98 0
 1 4

Division 3 - Match 7

Monday 4th April 2016
 Chichester DEmsworth C
BdName Gr Res Name Gr Res
1Rafael Harbour1190 Mark Davies 1
2Alex Miller 1101 Darren Cook 1090
3Philip Wake 107½ Derek Shotton 105½
4Jeremy Gale 630 David Jerome 631
5Tom Howeson 71½ Stephen Barron 68½
 2 3

? are we now in danger of winning Div 3 - we would miss the wooden spoon to add to our collection.

It was a battle of all age groups last night and with good use of the clocks it went to the wire (or flags)and we were all late for bed.

Mark was first to finish and won against Rafael (who I think is about 120BCF), so well done Mark who, from what I could see, dominated the center and maximised a pawn advantage early on.

Darren had a strong opponent in Alex Miller and did well to get to a King and pawn ending (think it was his King & 2 pawns v 3 pawns) and with good use of the King Darren reached "Zigzimawang" or something sounds like that !! his game reminded me of Kier kind offer for us to bring our games to the Club (on a Thursday or Monday eve) and with Mark's amazing computer programme (and Mark), lets take a look together at Critical Moments in our games.SO YOU ARE ALL INVITED TO THE CLUB FOR ANAYSIS DISCUSSION/TRAINING SESSION Thursday 14th April or a Monday, let me know what you think. A variety of speed chess (10m each on clock), games review, typical endings (Rook & pawns etc), drinks at the bar !!! was a great format we tried out last week, whilst Dominic entertained a potential new member who came with his mum. Thanks Dominic.

Derek played well against Philip Wake (and knowing Philip, he never gives up) and it looked to me if Derek retained the edge to the very few last seconds so I was surprised Derek agreed the Draw. May be Derek was just being kind. Again I think it was Rook and pawn ending.

Stephen and I swopped boards and Stephen did well to get a draw, as last time I looked, he was a major piece down and there is no easy game against the younger generation coming through.

My game against Jeremy Gale was full of tactics and endless attacking initiatives and I think I did well to escape from his doubled rooks and Queen attack - my King safety move earlier in the game saved me. I ground out the game, used clock wisely, and won on both time and material.

So, we have one game to go away to Bognor last Friday in April. Mark suggested we field a strong C Team to win the Division so watch this space, I may call upon young Paul, Nitin and Zoltan - I hope to be on bottom board to achieve 5 wins from 7 into the Ruth Rose Trophy this year (last year I was bottom of about 19 people so that would be a turn around LOL).

regards, david

Division 3 - Match 8

Friday 6th May 2016 (was 29th April)
 Chi @ BognorEmsworth C
BdName Gr Res Name Gr Res
1Keith Davies 138 ½Paul Northcott137 ½
2Michael Plumb 129 0 Zsolt Biksi 1
3Mike Spence 116 0 Mark Davies 1
4Warwick Turner 97 0 Derek Shotton 105 1
5Paul Hughes 51 1 Default 0

A great result in our final match which means that we go top of Division C with 10 points from 8 games. No other team can get more than 10 points now and whether we end up top will depend on the result between Portsmouth C and Chichester D as it will go down to game points.

I was playing on Board 3. I made a minor slip up in the opening which left me with an isolated QP on d3 by which was a weakness throughout the game. However I had some compensation with a lead in development. With thanks to Kier's Monday night coaching that I should be more attacking, I got a rook on the 7th rank and an overactive Knight (it moved 19 times starting at g1 and moving to squares as diverse as a4, a5, a6, b3, c1, c3, c4, c5, c7, d2, d5, e3, f3, f6 & g5 in a 47 move game). In the end Mike mis-judged a pin and lost a Bishop and it was downhill from there.

From what I could see Paul had a very good solid draw against Keith (grade 138), Derek had a very good win against Warwick with Warwick not only in a lost position following a strong Queenside attack by Derek but also rapidly running out of time. But the star of the night was Zsolt who had a very solid early position, won a Knight and ended very quickly with an overwhelming King side attack against Mick's King.

Overall a great night.