Portsmouth & District Chess League

Division 1 Results 2014-2015

Division 1 - Match 1

Thursday 9th October 2014
 Emsworth ACosham A
1Dominic Tunks 197 1 John Wheeler 181 0
2Paul Cooper 177 ½ Dave Cordner 167 ½
3Mike Krawczuk 176 ½ Richard Puchades 169 ½
4Clive Gilliam 176 ½ Andrew Smith 157 ½
5Phil Stimpson 170 1 Peter Dallas 147 0
6Kier Eyles 162 1 Stephen LeFevre 142 0

Division 1 - Match 2

Tuesday 28th October 2014
 Fareham AEmsworth A
1Tony Corkett 203 0 Dominic Tunks 197 1
2Keith Gregory 180 1 Clive Gilliam 176 0
3Dave Deacon (155) ½ Mike Krawczuk 176 ½
4Joe Coburn 144 1 Default* 0
5Ted Black 142 ½ Paul Cooper 177 ½
6Dave Elliott 146 ½ Phil Stimpson 170 ½

Hi chaps

After two rounds, all teams bar Chichester will have 2 points ‐ with Chichester and Fareham each having a game in hand. Chichester themselves have nil pwah.

Our final score against Cosham A was 4½ ‐ 1½ following Kier's win against Steve.

Meanwhile we now trail Fareham A 3‐1 [WM: at the time, the games Corkett-Tunks and Eliott-Stimpson were adjourned] ‐ since Phil is at best drawing his game, I have allocated the two points to Fareham in the above summary.

Tony C thought that Phil's game would be drawn and, if Dave's friend Fritz agrees, it may be drawn without further play. This was the game I was most keen to see, but by the time I wandered over to have a look, the fireworks were coming to an end. Phil was a Q up but a N fork recovered the material for Dave. It looked as if the N might get trapped ‐ advantage Phil ‐ but this was an illusion. If Dave had worked all of that out in advance, it is quite impressive. At close of play, Dave is two pawns up in a double rook ending, but everyone expects a pair of rooks and one of the extra pawns to drop off the board, leaving an endgame that Phil might have to play accurately, but (per Tony) should draw.

I think you have to say Ted Black pulled off a fine save against Paul ‐ Paul certainly had all the pressure but it finished goalless.

*Board 4 was decided by SatNav. Keith's blitzed win over Joe counting only for grading.

Dave Deacon is (with no offence to Ted) a tougher proposition than his board 5 teammate. Yet it looked to me as if Mike was doing all the pressing. I think though this time the defence was sound and there was no need to call on the goalkeeper.

Board 2 was Clive's first loss I know of in any Emsworth match for any Emsworth team ‐ it's been over two years in the making and that is one heck of a track record. The loss was at the hands of Keith Gregory and I have to say no shame in that, because I lost to Keith a week or two ago in a Southampton League match. Keith is obviously playing very well! :-)


31st October 2014

Division 1 - Match 3

Thursday 20th November 2014
 Emsworth APortsmouth A
1Dominic Tunks 197 ½ Mark Broom 203 ½
2Phil Stimpson 170 1 Martin Buckley 160 0
3Keith Richardson 175 ½ Tom Bird 166 ½
4Clive Gilliam 176 1 Ian Matthew 145 0
5Mike Krawczuk 176 ½ Simon Venables 150 ½
6Kier Eyles 162 1 David Ransley 112 0

So it looks like our last match of 2014 might finish with three white wins and three black draws - perhaps I should stop referring to us as The A Team and start calling us The Professionals!

First to finish was Clive, with a crunching win against Ian Matthew.

Then I drew - one careless move had thrown away my advantage, but Mark could think of nothing to do if I was happy to sit there.

Kier had won a pawn with his own good play before his opponent blundered a lot more.

Meanwhile Keith appeared to be playing Keith on board 3 - "getting a taste of my own medicine" was how I think he put it. Fortunately he was good enough to draw with himself.

The other two games are unfinished. Phil looks strong favourite against Martin (material is level as they sealed, but it won't stay that way). Mike's game is so hard to calculate that it must be a draw: Mike has an extra N but is running out of pawns, with none at all anywhere near his King; Simon has two extra pawns but can't afford to exchange pieces.

And that's it till the New Year, as we have a bye in round 4. I hope you've had as much fun playing as I have in captaining.

I think when we come back in January, we will be missing Clive for the first two or three matches, so I am hoping that everyone else will be available.

Finally, we will be having some sort of club Christmas Event. Not sure what that will involve - mince pies mulled wine and chess sounds a good combo though, if we can organise it. Thurs 11th Dec is the date Paul has suggested, anyway, and it would be great if you can come along. And bring a pie. (I'd love it if this plan came together! :-)

21st November 2014

Division 1 - Match 4

Thursday 15th January 2015
 Emsworth AChichester A
1Dominic Tunks 196 1 Bill McDougall 189 0
2Keith Richardson 177 0 Jamie Wilson 188 1
3Paul Cooper 172 1 Andy McDougall 184 0
4Phil Stimpson 173 1 Steve Smith 158 0
5Mike Krawczuk 168 0 Rolandos Lukosius159 1
6Kier Eyles 162 1 Keith Davies 142 0
 4 2

Division 1 - Match 5

Thursday 5th February 2015
 Cosham AEmsworth A
1John Wheeler 184 0 Dominic Tunks 196 1
2Dave Cordner 169 0 Keith Richardson 177 1
3Richard Puchades 162 ½ Mike Krawczuk 168 ½
4Andrew Smith 163 ½ Paul Cooper 172 ½
5Steve LeFevre 146 ½ Kier Eyles 162 ½
6George Feltham 132 1 Zoltan Zagonyi 118 0

Division 1 - Match 6

Thursday 26th February 2015
 Emsworth AFareham A
1Dominic Tunks 196 ½ Keith Gregory 188 ½
2Phil Stimpson 173 ½ Mike Edwards 166 ½
3Paul Cooper 172 ½ Joe Coburn 142 ½
4Mike Krawczuk 168 ½ Ted Black 149 ½
5Kier Eyles 162 1 Dave Elliott 143 0
6Nitin Parekh 140 0 John Webb 138 1
 3 3

Division 1 - Match 7

Monday 16th March 2015
 Chichester AEmsworth A
1Bill McDougall 189 1 Dominic Tunks 196 0
2Jamie Wilson 188 1 Keith Richardson 177 0
3Andy McDougall 184 1 Phil Stimpson 173 0
4Roland Lukosius 159 ½ Paul Cooper 172 ½
5Lara Osiyemi 152 ½ Mike Krawczuk 168 ½
6Mick Plumb 131 0 Kier Eyles 162 1
 4 2

Hi everyone

I feel as if my "must win" intro to this match resulted in us thinking "must win 6-0". There may have been an element of over-pressing - blame the Captain for that.

I was caught on the counter - I had a nice position and when Bill ran away with ...N(f6)d7 I responded with Qg4 much too quickly. It looked good ("was optically pleasing" was Bill's slightly more up-market take) but simply provoked ...f5, which probably near equalised. My subsequent Be3 deliberately provoked ...f4, but when the pawn reached f3 I realised I had yet again turned a good position into a dodgy one. Not yet lost, but, as on previous occasions this season when this has happened, my reaction was to reach for the self-destruct button.

Phil completed a good night for clan McDougall by similarly turning a good position into a loss.

To be fair, the McDougalls had probably given us 1½ points too much when they came to Emsworth, so you could see this as payback. Between us, Phil and I had given 1½ points back.

Keith meanwhile was seeking to avenge his previous loss to Jaimie on Board 2. I thought he had a chance for a slight but enduring pull with ...Nxe4 Bxe4 Nf6 Bxd5 cd. Keith was much more adventurous and avoided exchanges to complicate the game. Jaimie found a nice tactic just before the adjournment and I think this has gained him an edge as they seal, but not sure.

Rolandus v Paul on 4 had a hint of the Jaimie v Keiths about it. A complicated game ended in a draw. The missed opportunity here was on the Chichester side - Rolandus missed a winning trick.

Mike was pressing throughout on 5, and with some effect too. At adjournment, though, I suspect black is better, but not winning.

So it looks like the ever reliable Kier will be our only winner,

Since Chichester are pretty much back to the team that won the League a couple of seasons back, this was always going to be a tough match. Let's hope they can now do to Fareham what they have just done to us - in which case it could yet be a very tight finish.

17th March 2015

Division 1 - Match 8

Wednesday 6th May 2015
 Portsmouth AEmsworth A
1Mark Broom 197 0 Dominic Tunks 196 1
2Godfrey Pafura 192 ½ Keith Richardson 177 ½
3Ian Hardwick 156 ½ Phil Stimpson 173 ½
4Martin Buckley 151 ½ Clive Gilliam 171 ½
5Simon Venables 155 0 Mike Krawczuk 168 1
6Brian Cochran 104 0 Paul Cooper 172 1