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16 February 2018

A quick match report:

A great team win for Emsworth C against Portsmouth C takes Emsworth C to the top of division 3 with 3 matches to play. Our nearest competitor is Chichester, two points behind but with a game in hand.

After some change in board order by Portsmouth, I play Brian Cochran on board 1. After an even opening and middle game, I blundered a pawn and was fighting for a draw with queen and 3 pawns v queen and 4 pawns.

On board 2, Nitin had the better of the opening winning a pawn, but was unable to stop a very strong attack on his king.

On board 3, Phil had his third win in a row. He got into a complex sicilian middle game in which is opponent miscalculated and Phil won.

On board 4, Darren won a queen for minor piece but his opponent fought back strongly but Darren came through with a short amount of time left on the clock. After his win took the match to an unassailable 3-1 margin, Brian agreed a draw in my game.

On board 5, Adrian won a minor piece in the middle game with a combination using a pin of his opponent’s queen and won.

The next C team game is probably a title deciding match away at Chichester on Monday 5th March.


Recent results
Div3 15 Feb 2018Emsworth C3½-1½Portsmouth C

15 February 2018

Derek beat David in their second game of the championship tonight. I think this means Derek is the first one to five games so setting a target for the rest of us!


Recent results
ClubChamp 15 Feb 2018David Jerome0-1Derek Shotton

09 February 2018

We won 4-1 after Portsmouth B brought a weakened team to us and defaulted board 4. Kier won after 10 moves after his opponent resigned after blundering a rook. I got into a better position in the opening after my opponent arrived 25 minutes late but blundered after seeing threats that weren’t there. Phil got a good position from the opening, lost a bishop but hung in there and won a rook to win and Zoltan won against a new Portsmouth player. Overall a great result.

We are top of the division 2 table by 1 point from Cosham with three matches to play.

The next match is away at Cosham on 1st March.


Recent results
Div2 08 Feb 2018Emsworth B4-1Portsmouth B

02 February 2018

The following results have been added to the Club Championship:

Recent results
ClubChamp 11 Jan 2018Derek Shotton1-0Darren Cook
ClubChamp 11 Jan 2018Darren Cook1-0Derek Shotton
ClubChamp 25 Jan 2018Paul Northcott0-1Kier Eyles
ClubChamp 01 Feb 2018Adrian Parker½-½Mark Davies

30 January 2018

I have updated the Club Championship grade for Adrian (previously estimated 100). This has not (yet) affected performance sufficiently to alter anyone's current position.

30 January 2018

Emsworth lost by the minimum margin against Gosport last night. Well done to Phil and Zsolt for 2 fine wins:

Recent results
Div1 29 Jan 2018Gosport3½-2½Emsworth A

24 January 2018

An emphatic victory for Emsworth last night:

Recent results
Div3 23 Jan 2018Fareham D½-4½Emsworth C

21 January 2018

The first Club Championship game of 2018 ended in a draw.

Recent results
ClubChamp 18 Jan 2018Derek Shotton½-½Mark Davies

15 January 2018

A close match with Paul Having a great win against Peter Dallas, and a lucky win (after I had offered a draw earlier in the game) for me after a blunder by my opponent in a N and 6 pawns v B and six pawns end after. Kier couldn’t quite finish after an aggressive opening, Zsolt unlucky right in the opening and Zoltan lost on time.

Thanks to everybody for playing.


Recent results
Div2 15 Jan 2018Chichester B 3-2Emsworth B

14 January 2018

Emsworth A held Fareham A to a draw last Thursday - considering Fareham are top of the table at the moment, that's a result!...

Recent results
Div1 11 Jan 2018Emsworth A 3-3Fareham A

22 December 2017

Both Adrian and Darren missed chances in their Club Championship battle on 30th November, but honours were shared in the end.

Emsworth C won their match against Fareham C quite comfortably last night...

Recent results
ClubChamp 30 Nov 2017Adrian Parker½-½Darren Cook
Div3 21 Dec 2017Emsworth C 4-1Fareham C

19 December 2017

Emsworth B successfully overcame Cosham B last Thursday...

Recent results
Div2 14 Dec 2017Emsworth B 3-2Cosham B

That puts Emsworth B top of Division 2 - see Portsmouth and District Chess League.

13 December 2017

Emsworth A had a tough time away to Portsmouth A last Thursday. Well done to Zsolt for preventing the doughnut.

Recent results
Div1 6 Dec 2017Portsmouth A 5½-½Emsworth A

1 December 2017

Emsworth C v Fareham C, formerley scheduled for 30th November 2017 has been rescheduled for Thursday 21st December

Emsworth B put in a fine team performance away to Portsmouth B a couple of nights ago and last night David had a fine win with the black bits against Derek, ousting Mark from the top of the leaderboard!...

Recent results
Div2 29 Nov 2017Portsmouth B 1½-3½Emsworth B
ClubChamp 30 Nov 2017Derek Shotton0-1David Jerome

21 November 2017

Chichester A brought a strong team to Emsworth last week and played like champions...

Recent results
Div1 16 Nov 2017Emsworth A ½-5½Chichester A

11 November 2017

Emsworth C completed the hat trick of team first wins this season in their league match against Chichester C. Earlier Phil drew his adjourned game against Mike Spence. Emsworth were unsuccessful in their first round game of the Cole Cup - better luck in the Plate guys...

Recent results
Div2 02 Nov 2017Emsworth B4-1Chichester B
Div3 09 Nov 2017Emsworth C3-2Chichester C
Cole Cup 09 Nov 2017Emsworth1½-3½Fareham

By the way, I couldn't let slip without a mention, Darren's MONSTER win against Alexander Miller in the above C-team clash - that's a 45 point grading difference. Darren gets a stonking 178 for that result!!

30 October 2017

Congratulations to Emsworth B for their first win this season with Phil's game against Mike Spence adjourned...

Recent results
Div2 02 Nov 2017Emsworth B4½-½Chichester B

30 October 2017

Upcoming fixtures:
 Division 2 Thu 02-11-2017Emsworth B v Chichester B
 Division 3 Thu 09-11-2017Emsworth C v Chichester C
 Division 1 Thu 16-11-2017Emsworth A v Chichester A
 Division 2 Wed 22-11-2017Portsmouth B v Emsworth B
 Club night Thu 23-11-2017Emsworth   
 Division 3 Thu 30-11-2017Emsworth C v Fareham C
 Division 1 Wed 06-12-2017Portsmouth A v Emsworth A
 Club night Thu 07-12-2017Emsworth   
 Division 2 Thu 14-12-2017Emsworth B v Cosham B

30 October 2017

Congratulations to the A team for achieving the Club's first win this season whilst Mark maintains his 100% record in the Club Championship...

Recent results
Div1 26 Oct 2017Cosham A 2-4Emsworth A
ClubChamp 26 Oct 2017Mark Davies 1-0Darren Cook

22 October 2017

Recent results
Div2 12 Oct 2017Cosham B 3½-1½Emsworth B
Div3 18 Oct 2017Portsmouth C 3½-1½Emsworth C
Div1 19 Oct 2017Emsworth A 1½-4½Gosport

Not the best start to a season the Club has ever had but, congratulations to Paul Northcott for being our only game winner so far:-)!

11 October 2017

Thu 05-10-2017 Emsworth A v Gosport

Gosport were unable to field a full team because of the rail strike so the above match was postponed - new date proposed: 19th October 2017.

Upcoming fixtures:
 Division 2 Thu 12-10-2017Cosham B v Emsworth B
 Club night Thu 12-10-2017Emsworth   
 Division 3 Wed 18-10-2017Portsmouth C v Emsworth C
Division 1 Thu 19-10-2017Emsworth A v Gosport
 Division 1 Thu 26-10-2017Cosham A v Emsworth A
 Club night Thu 26-10-2017Emsworth   

04 October 2017

Fareham have requested that the fixture Fareham C v Emsworth C be moved from 15th May 2018 to 8th May 2018.

26 September 2017

Final division 3 fixture updated from 22nd to 15th May 2018.

25 September 2017

League and Cole Cup fixtures have been added.

18 September 2017

  Club Championship

Mark has started this season's Club Championship the way he finished last season's: at the top!

17 September 2017

Welcome to the new season, good luck with all your games.

The Portsmouth and District League AGM will be held at 7:30pm on Thursday 21st September 2017 at Cosham Community Centre. 2017/8 Fixtures will be added following this.